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HDD Data Recovery Software

Updated on July 22, 2011

Lost data can mean a major catastrophe if those files you lost are of importance to you or your business. Hdd data recovery software maybe all you need to recover those missing files and ease your mind. There are a variety of software programs on the market one can choose from and which also may vary in price and performance. The main thing you will need to consider is the current state of your hard drive and the condition it's in, if it has mechanical problems then it will most likely need to be replaced. Other wise if it is i good condition than a data recovery software should be all you need. This article will touch on some of the current data recovery software available online to home users as well as professional business.


A well known data recovery company called CBL technologies have two options of data recovery software to choose from. There is their standard program this program is able to recover deleted or lost files, data that has been corrupted and emails that can be recovered from the hard drive and a few more added features as well. They also have a upgraded program called CBL pro this will do the same as their standard version but offers the consumer more recovery options and greater features to choose from. Both programs are able to recover data from memory cards as well as flash drives. CBL will let you trail these programs and you only pay when the lost data has been recovered, pretty good of them i say.

Stellar Software

Another  data recovery program one can choose from is called Stellar. this company has been around since 1992 so it has certainly had some years to establish a name for itself and bring the consumer top quality data recovery programs. They provide basically the same services as CBL such as recovering lost files and data as well as email recovery, accidental deletion and formatting and corruption of files. Recover My Files is yet another data recovery program they come under the umbrella of the Get-data software development company and have programs that will recover corrupted files and will also recover files lost through partitioning, as well lost files due to  computer crashing there is a charge of $69.95 for the use of this software which is pretty reasonable considering that their software is of top quality with good consumer reviews to back it up.     


Pro-soft have developed a software called Data Rescue Pc3 their goal is to encourage users to firstly try and recover lost data themselves using a step by step process that they will take you through before having to use any type of software repair as last resorts. Data rescue provide recovery for crashed drives, computers infected with viruses, corrupted operating systems and deleted or lost files, as well as a wide range of computer related software issues. They provide online support for their members and as i stated before they will give consumers tips on how they may be able to recover data themselves.


One final software program One final software program one my consider is called On-Track easy recovery software their software programs will easily fix such problems such as hard drive data for all media types as well as all types of systems and is a very cost effective program and affordable for the average user,there main program focuses mainly on data recovery and data repair. And they also have a up grade option that has more advanced features for data recovery as well as disk diagnostic applications. What ever data recovery program you choose to purchase you must make sure that it will serve the purpose you intent to use it for , if in any doubt seek professional help or do some online research to find the data recovery program that's right for you.


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