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Amazon is looking to corner the tablet market with the launch of its new Kindle Fire HD series

Updated on September 12, 2012

There is a lot going on in the field of handheld electronics right now. With so many tablets and readers to choose from as it is, there is now a new option! Hig

Amazon takes on Apple's iPad with the launch of its new Kindle Fire HD tablet line. CEO Jeff Bezos reveals three versions:

-7-inch version for $199,

-8.9-inch version for $299,

-8.9 inch 4G LTE-enabled version for $499. (64GB version is $599)

The tablets are expected to ship November 20.

Do you see an HD reader next to your bed in the near future?

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Wi-Fi Download speeds - How do they compare with Apple and Google?

The potential speeds of the Kindle Fire HD
The potential speeds of the Kindle Fire HD

Here is a comaprison of the Wi-Fi Download speeds of the New Kindle Fire HD compared to the Google and Apple tablets

Nice features of the Kindle

One of the things I like about the line of products from Kindle is the variety. Maybe you don't wanna spend $500 on a new gadget? No problem! The new HD Kindle Fire has 3 price points making it affordable on almost any budget.

Another cool thing is the fact that the super high contrast of the screen allows it to be viewable from any angle. This is particularly helpful to those of us like who like to read over other people's shoulders :)

The pricing is also more affordable than the IPad 3. For less money than you'd pay for a 32GB Ipad 3, you can get a 64GB LTE Kindle HD. That is Amazon making a statement right there.

There's nothing like good PR

The Launch of the Kindle Fire HD Tablet series
The Launch of the Kindle Fire HD Tablet series

There was a lot of excitement when Jeff Bezos unveiled the new line of HD tablets from Kindle. The nice thing about these tablets is they come in 3 different price points. This makes an HD Kindle affordable to almost anyone who wants one.

The Kindle series is backed by thousands of apps and games as well as the ability to stream Amazon Prime videos right from your tablet.

Bezos looks so tiny there!

Victory for Kindle?

Only time will tell whether they are able to surpass the almighty Apple in the genre of tablets.

Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think!

What are your thoughts on the new Kindle Fire HD?

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