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Hearing Protection Headphones

Updated on March 24, 2011

Wheter you are working with helicopters or just mowing your lawn hearing protection headphones are always useful to have around you, you´ll never know when you need one.

These incredible devices where invented by Lawrence J. Fogel in the 1950s, but he invented hearing protection only, hearing protection headphones where invented by Dr. Amar Bose in 1978 on aboard an airplane.Now in the 21st century we still analog technology.

Still, Noise-cancelling headphones have many limitations, the greatest limitations is the battery or in some cases the power is supplied by USB-port, but when the batter or the USB-port runs out of energy you can simply recharge it or replace it.

Choosing this hearing protection device is very important, because this thing protects your ears and once you´ve lost your hearing it´s gone.So choosing right hearing protection headphones is vital.This raises the question - how to choose good hearing protection headphone? There´s a huge variety of different hearing protection devices sale on the Internet, so I´ll give you the best hearing protection headphones based on the reviews.

High-Grade Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This has many good reviews and it´s highly recommended by the users.This product has excellent value and great quality.This JVC headphone is very comfortable for the user of this product, because it´s small and light and for others, this product is also quite good looking as well.One great benefit over it´s competitor(BOSE), is that it only uses one AAA-battery, non-proprietary unlike BOSE.This product has excellent noise reduction, but it doesn´t block it out completely.About the sound quality, most of the users are happy with it, but many seem to find that Panasonic hearing protection headphone as slightly better sound quality, but overall the JVC HANC250 High-Grade Noise-Cancelling Headphones, beats the Panasonic headphone device.This Headphone has very great value over it´s competitors, it´s comfortable to wear so it is very good.

Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

 These unique and stylish headphones are great, you can connect them with your IPhone and they are scratch-resistant..Ooo wow, if you need scratch-resistant headphoneswhat you can connect with your headphone then buy it, but seriously now, how good are they actually?Sound quality is slightly above the average, but not great.The design looks nice and elegant, so they have done a great job with the design, but clearly they have invested too much money on design and not enough money one the overall quality of this hearing protection device thing.These headphones are quite comfortable as well and this product has excellent bass, so i would rate this product above average, but look at other products before buying it.

Audio-Technica Noise-cancelling Headphones

 Audio-Technica has done a really great job at noise-canceling this time, because without listening any music, you will probablynot hear a thing.When compared to the BOSE headphone, this one has a great downside, the bass isn´t that good, so when you are all about bass, choose the previous product.About comfort, this is very, very comfortable, really it is.One AAA battery can last for up to 40 hours.The Audio-Technica noise-cancelling headphone is very well built high-quality product, the design of it is okay, the bass may not be so good as BOSE´s bass, but they have done very good job noise-cancelling and it´s very comfortable.


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      janesmooch 7 years ago

      certainly valued your hub and it has given many good ideas with what to do with my website