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My Gibson Flying V

Updated on August 24, 2017

The Guitar I've Always Wanted...

Ever since I saw Judas Priest and KK Downing with his Flying V live in Reno (way back in 1982) I've wanted one of these guitars. The only problem is I don't play and it 's pretty hard to justify $1000 for something I can't even use... I've always wanted to learn to play though, and when I found out I could get my Flying V today and pay it off with no interest over 12 months, I decided to get one. I'll never by a rock star, but at least I can learn on the guitar played by my favorite guitarist of all time. (No offense to Glen Tipton fans - hi Brendan:) )

(Photo: Me (glockr))

The Flying V - This is what it does...

Buy Electric Guitar Online - Better prices, but what about customer service?

Ordered on Sunday, at my door on Tuesday

I really like supporting local businesses, but when I decided to get my Flying V only one of the music stores in town had the one I wanted and none of them would give me the terms I got from Zzounds - 12 months interest free and I get the guitar now. As for service, the local stores said they could have it to me in a week if I wanted to order one. Zzounds had it to me in 2 days.

Too Nice To Play? - D@mn that's gorgeous...

My new Flying V
My new Flying V

This thing is beautiful. I didn't have an amp when I got the V so I couldn't try it out right away, but at least I could take a pic or two for posterity. It probably won't look this good after I start banging it around learning to play. Maybe I should get a knock-around guitar to learn on and save this until I can actually play at least a bit...? Naw... I bought this to learn and that's what I'm going to do. Still need an amp though...

Electric Guitar Handbook - No time for lessons? This book is just as good...

When I first bought my guitar, I was clueless on how to play. I signed up for a couple private lessons which helped a lot, but I wasn't able to continue because I could never find the time. I looked for online exercises, but nothing was easy for me as a beginner to understand. I found Electric Guitar Handbook and decided to give it a try. I love it... it's easy to understand, it's broken down into weekly exercises, and what I like best is that it teaches you to play by reading notes instead of reading chords.

Learn To Play Guitar In 10 Hours? - I'm just a bit dubious...

Play guitar in 10 hours
Play guitar in 10 hours

While looking for online lessons, I found a site that claims anyone can learn to play guitar in 10 hours. Great!!! I'll be shredding in no time - or not. After about a half hour of practice I was able to play the first note without sounding too awful - and that was the easiest one. My fingers are just too fat to fret one string without damping the adjacent string. Luckily, many people start out with the same problem and overcome it - so will I. I think formal lessons would really help though so I'm going that route...

Actually, I almost bought a Fender Stratocaster instead of the Flying V. When I was around 10, one of my dad's coworkers had a son who was 17 or 18. We weren't friends, but I was kind of in awe of him because he played electric guitar. In a small town, that was a really big deal to a 10 year old kid. I don't even know what brand his guitar was, but I remember the look - and it looked just like a Stratocaster with a Starburst finish. I like the Strat just as much, but I went with the Flying V because that's what my favorite guitarist plays. I really like them both though and I'd be happy with either one. If it turns out I really enjoy playing guitar maybe I'll buy a Strat next summer...

Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Flying V?

Songs I want to learn

Rock You Like a Hurricane - My guitar instructor suggested this as my first song to learn, plus my wife loves this song. It never would have occurred to me to learn it though - I'm just not that into the Scorpions.

Smoke On The Water - I love this song, plus it's the other song my instructor recommended as a good first song to learn.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful (Twisted Sister) - what can I say? This has always been one of my favorite Christmas hymns and Twisted Sister does an AWESOME heavy metal version...

Devils Child - I'll never be K.K. Downing, but I love Judas Priest and this song seems to use mainly power chords so maybe it's easy enough even I can learn to play it.

Maggie Mae. Normally I can't stand Rod Stewart's music, but Maggie Mae is an awesome song.

House of the Rising Sun

Small Town Saturday Night

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