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High End Speakers For Home Teather

Updated on December 9, 2012

The Best High End Speakers For Your Home Theater

I know for some of us these speakers might be absurdly expensive, but please note that these high end speakers are powerful and stable compared to any other low end speakers. These speakers also provide us with extremely high-quality sounds, like no others can.

Of course, there is no practical reason for non-audiophile to own any of these speakers, but if you have some extra bucks, why not? High-end speakers have a very practical advantage for your home theater system, and will give you some extra satisfaction. High end speakers and audio system can be classified as a luxurious property, no joke here. I've met several people that call high end speakers as a "rich boy's toys".

I've looked at many speakers during my spare time, some of it are ultra-high-end, which sadly I can't never afford them. But never mind. When looking for the best speakers that can transmit audio perfectly, we need to know some of the technical/electrical term to make us understand how this lil gadget works. More information about Audio System technical terms.

Maybe after reading this article, you can start buying speakers with confidence and opt in for top notch quality and satisfaction.

What is Audiophile?


A person having an ardent interest in stereo or high-fidelity sound reproduction including the high end speakers and amplifiers.

Are you an Audiophile?

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Speakers Priced From $1,000 to $5,000

$1,000 - $5,000

Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System - Walnut
Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System - Walnut

Bose 901 speakers are capable of reproducing sounds with much impact and clarity in a live performance. The new 901 speakers include up to 350 improvements over the famous original design. It works by reflecting projected sounds off any flat surfaces, without aiming all those sound toward the audience like any other conventional speakers. The Direct/Reflecting technology enables you to listen to your favorite and latest DVD audio with realistic and clear reflected sound, from anywhere you stand or sit. With this Bose speaker, you can also enjoy the blowing home theater effects. This speaker is an ideal choice for a basic home theatre.

Definitive Technology Mythos ST 120v Supertower Speaker (Single, Black)
Definitive Technology Mythos ST 120v Supertower Speaker (Single, Black)

This modern speaker combines super gorgeous design and stunningly ultra high-end sound quality. No other speaker can achieve the combination of beauty and top quality physical strength within the middle ranged price. Mythos ST magic starts with a sleek and sexy cabinets made of black polished granite in a beautiful polished base. Leading innovative design is the incorporation of rights SuperCubeTM Subwoofer enclosures. With two built-in 300 Watt powered subwoofers you'll enjoy double the bass and save space and enhance the beauty of your room.

The first obvious benefit is that you will have two subwoofers in the room instead of just one for simple bass output. Most importantly subwoofers perfectly integrated with the middle / high. Audiophiles often spend dozens of hours moving and adjusting subwoofer crossover and phase controls their pursuit of perfect subwoofer to main speaker "blending." With the Mythos ST you will not have to go through that kind of trouble to get a top notch audio quality. The engineers have adjusted the phase and crossover between the main speaker and subwoofer perfectly to achieve perfect unity and realistic sound.

Klipsch Klipschorn AK5 Speaker - Walnut (Each)
Klipsch Klipschorn AK5 Speaker - Walnut (Each)

Audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch Klipschorn speakers launched in 1946 to enable the public, for the first time, experience the power, detail and emotion of a live concert in the home. Usually called a corner-horn speaker, Klipschorn rarely include highly efficient horn loaded tweeter and midrange compression driver. The patented folded horn 15 woofer design delivers powerful low frequencies sounds.

The Klipschorn has remained relatively unchanged since its first appearance 60 years ago . In 2005, the company made some minor revisions to the speaker aesthetics and functionality of the legend, including eliminating neck insert, and the distance between the upper and lower cabinets for clean ans sophisticated appearance. To improve the accuracy of low frequency horn response, a horizontal wall seal was added in the new design. This high end wooden body speakers reflects a high level of quality workmanship that never goes out of style.


Speakers Priced From $5,000 to $10,000

Jamo R 909 Floor Standing Speaker
Jamo R 909 Floor Standing Speaker

This 909 floor standing speaker is absolutely stunning in its vivid and eye catching color. Their mission is to set new standards for craftsmanship and performance in the category of high end speakers. The result is an award-winning speaker which received praise from audio system fans and professionals.This JAMO R 909 audio speaker not only offers an experience of immersive listening, it also reflects the best of Danish design. With a unique open back and high gloss black and red, this is a speaker that both visually appealing and sounds great to the ears.

The open design also allows you to see the quality components that make JAMO R 909 so remarkable: two large 15-inch woofer, Cone Hard cone midrange driver and the premium textile dome tweeter. Deep, accurate bass for an amazing concert voice. This exceptional speakers are designed for everyone, it is for those who demand a true audio performance and the latest contemporary design. JAMO R 909 has been created to increase the number of people who prefer the solution of two music channels and a separate surround sound system for a perfect home theatre.

Jas-Audio - Odin 2.5-Way Tower Speakers (Pair)
Jas-Audio - Odin 2.5-Way Tower Speakers (Pair)

This 3 units floor stander speakers combine the silky smooth sound of high range ribbon tweeter, and a very detailed punchy base made of ceramic drivers. Built with a patented 360-degree downward air spread design, this speaker provides airy feel to the scene. Uncomprimsed in design and quality, this speaker is really the ultimate goal for any music and audio system fan.

Earthquake Tigris Dual 8" / 2" / 1" 3 Way 500 Watt Audiophile Home Theater Tower Speakers Black Piano Finish Pr
Earthquake Tigris Dual 8" / 2" / 1" 3 Way 500 Watt Audiophile Home Theater Tower Speakers Black Piano Finish Pr

Earthquake Sound is a company best known for producing knock your socks subwoofers and amplifiers for your home theater. They also released several lines of speakers, including Titan. The Tigris Titan weighs 89 pounds each, standing about 5 feet high, with a high quality sound reproduction. They certainly look pretty impressive with its high end body build and finishing, and carry a slightly expensive price tag to compete with the crème-de-la-crème tower speakers. This super speaker is the right choice for a perfect and outstanding home theater sound system.


Speakers Priced Above $10,000

What Do You Think About High-end Speakers? - Share your opinion and thoughts in the comment section below

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow! Great list! I never knew about these expensive speakers and audio equipment before. But honestly, I wouldn't buy one if I have some extra money. LOL. Even my car is cheaper than that Waterfall speaker.

      Idk, maybe I would change my mind someday. :)


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