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Home Intercom Systems

Updated on November 21, 2014

Modern Home Intercom Systems

Have you been keeping up with technology? Are you aware of all of the different types of intercom systems available for your house these days? If you aren't, then this lense could truly blow your mind!

Home intercom systems have been around for awhile now, but with recent technology moving at the speed it is, these intercom systems have become dramatically more advanced and filled with all sorts of cool features.

In this lense, I will take you through the basics of intercom home systems, describe the different types that are available on the market, and break down the different features of each. If you are interested in purchasing an intercom system for your house or office, this is a great place to help you decide what you'll need.


900MHz Wireless Intercom System
900MHz Wireless Intercom System

Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless Intercoms For Home & Business

By now you should know that wireless is the way to pretty much any electrical device. Intercom systems are no different. Wireless intercom systems are extremely simple to install and set up due to the fact that there is no wiring required, and they are much, much easier to move and re-install than traditional wired intercoms. Wireless intercom systems for your house come in a few different frequency ranges depending on the type of device used to transmit the signal. Many modern intercom systems come in either the 900MHz range or the 2.4GHz range (WiFI) to transmit and receive voice data. Earlier wireless intercom systems on the 900MHz range used to be able to be able to intercept other intercom voice data that was nearby but this problem has since been taken care of.

Wireless Intercom Systems for Sale - Browse & Compare Prices on Wireless Home Intercoms Here! has great deals on many different wireless intercom systems for homes and businesses. Make sure to browse around for the best deals and read customer reviews to help you pick the perfect wireless intercom for your house or office!

Wired Intercom Systems
Wired Intercom Systems

Wired Intercom Systems

Wired Intercom Systems for Homes & Businesses

With traditional, hard-wired intercom phone systems you have access to a lot more features than wireless devices. Some of these features include the ability to send and receive pages, monitor rooms, answer the doorbell, receive incoming calls, and even set off an alarm system in emergency situations. These features can definitely improve the overall functionality of your intercom systems, but you will need to install an audio interface module as well as taking care of all of the wiring and network setup that goes along with these types of home intercoms. In most cases, you should be able to install, set up, and wire your intercom system by yourself, but if you aren't comfortable doing that, many locksmith companies offer full intercom system installation, wiring, and set up services. If your intercom system isn't set up properly, it will prove to be a big waste of time and money so make sure you take these thoughts into consideration when deciding on one.

Wired Intercom Systems for Sale - Browse & Compare Different Types of Wired Intercom Systems

Compare deals and reviews here for all types of hard-wired residential intercom systems as well as commercial intercom systems for offices. Find the perfect fit for your needs here.

Video Intercom System
Video Intercom System

Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Systems for Home & Business

Modern technology has allowed the traditional wired intercom systems to be replaced with new, modern video intercoms. These are the best type of intercom systems for residential purposes because you can monitor and see in real-time who is at your door or face-to-face chat with people in other rooms in your house. Video intercom systems come in both wired and wireless models, however there are still more wired options available on the market, but new wireless models are coming out all the time.

Video Intercom Systems for Sale - Great Deals on Video Intercoms for Home & Office

Compare deals and customer reviews on top-of-the-line video intercom systems here. Find the perfect match for your needs, no matter how big or small!

Video Baby Monitor Intercom System
Video Baby Monitor Intercom System

Baby Monitor Intercom Systems

Video Baby Monitor Intercom Systems for Homes

Video baby monitors also use the same technology as intercom systems, however they are more catered to making sure you can see and hear your baby at all times from anywhere in the house. Baby monitors come in extremely handy when its hard to hear your child from other rooms of the house or outside and you can always check the video monitor to see how he/she is doing. Any parent with an infant in the home should own one if possible!

Baby Monitors for Sale - Home Intercom Baby Monitors - Browse & Compare Prices!

Get the best deal on new baby monitors here. Make sure to reference the customer reviews and feedback to ensure you're getting exactly what you need for your child's safety!

Intercom Installation Services - Hire a Certified Locksmith to Install Your Home Intercom System

These locksmith companies are certified, bonded, and insured and all of them are capable of installing almost any type of home or commercial intercom system. If you don't want to spend the time installing your intercom system, find a locksmith in your area who can help!

VIDEO: How to Install an Intercom System - Learn How to Manually Install Your Intercom System

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      xiaofang 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.I am shirley from China Cusamintercom.We are a reliable manufactory of door intercom security system.

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      Anime-e 5 years ago

      This is very interesting, and home commercial intercom systems are common these days. Thanks for sharing!

    • SecondHandJoe LM profile image

      SecondHandJoe LM 5 years ago

      Boy, they've come a long way since my old Radio Shack intercoms- just plug em in and they work awful! Thanks for this new info!