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How the iPad enhances our lives

Updated on May 8, 2015

Honestly, I didn't WANT an iPad

I didn't see the point. Why? Well you see, we both have computers, we both have laptops and we have several iPhones. I didn't see that we needed more gadgetry. I imagined that the iPad was just larger version of the phone and I like the fact that the phone fits exactly into the front pocket of my jeans. Why would I want yet another device?

So we were a little behind the times

I know that the iPad has been around for a few years and I'd seen them in use - several friends had them - but I wasn't impressed and couldn't imagine that actually, the new model we now have could be as important as it has become in our daily lives.

At home

Himself is the tecky one of the family when it comes to electronics - I honestly have a hard time changing the channel on the TV - and in no time at all he had rigged up the iPad so that it controls all our entertainment. It acts as a remote for the TV, it plays our music, we use it to read books and news - it's all our entertainment in one tiny package.

I remember that at one time there used to be huge items of furniture called 'entertainment centers' - well, that's what our iPad is. I can also video-chat (do they still call it that?) with my family in England and see them clearly instead of jerky, Max Headroom-like movements.

For work

Going into a business meeting with a laptop is one thing and we've been doing that for years. But compared to the iPad, even my tiny Acer seems bulky. We (well, he) can also tie it in with the large-screen TVs that so many of our clients seem to have in their conference rooms these days.

This is wonderful for presentations. We have our design portfolio on the device, plus our book portfolio and we don't have to fumble around opening and firing up laptop if we have the opportunity to show off.


We have a pretty large bag that we always used to lug through airports. It contained my laptop, his, my mouse (because I'm too rough on touch-pads) leads, power packs and all sorts of miscellaneous - but necessary - computer gubbins. I always refused to carry it - mainly because I was loaded up with the four (minimum) new books that I see as being essential on any trip, especially long haul flights. This is now a things of the past - with our iPhones and the iPad, we're all set.

Apps for everything & everyone

I might be wrong but there seems to be apps for every conceivable purpose. I have dozens on my phone from Face Time to free games. The iPad is the same; if you need it, there's an app for it. If for any reason there isn't, there will be the next time you check. And the iPad is so intuitive to use. My granddaughter, when she was only 14 months old, could find her way around the device. (Of course, she's a genius though!)

Not just a gift for teckies

As you can see from what I've written above, this isn't just a great gift for the technically-minded.

In fact, if you know anyone who has been left behind in today's computer society, this will give them all the advantages of a computer - and much more - in an easy-to-use format.

iPad tips

As you'll see, using this device is very similar to using your iPhone.

(Oh and when you're listening, what accent does this chap have? He sounds like an American Yorkshireman - if there is such a thing...)

iLuv CEO Folio Multi-Purpose Portfolio Case for Apple iPad 4
iLuv CEO Folio Multi-Purpose Portfolio Case for Apple iPad 4

This is the case we have. It's great for business or for when we're traveling. We don't use the notepad pocket for its intended purpose (we make any notes on the iPad itself obviously!) but it's very useful for papers and documents.

iPad: The Missing Manual
iPad: The Missing Manual

When we got ours, it was a gift. There was no manual included and to be honest, I didn't care because the device was so instinctive to use, especially as I've been using iPhones since they were first released. But Mr Tecky bought this and I have to agree that he was able to discover functions I would have missed. Once we get it making pizza, it will be all we need in life!


© 2013 Jackie Jackson


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    • Adventuretravels profile image


      4 years ago from UK

      I love all apple products. One day I hope to be able to afford one of these!!

    • ChalhoubCassidy profile image


      5 years ago

      Good lens.. its interesting that Apple's products could inspire us so much as to write something like this about them -- its free marketing for a great company

    • calconcrete profile image


      5 years ago

      There is currently an ad on TV comparing the iPad to the Kindle in terms of readability in outside natural light. The iPad fails miserably.Is this just one defect we must put up with to gain the other benefits . . . or is there a fix coming from Apple?

    • somergreat48 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great Lens! I too wondered about this extra gadget but realized it is much more portable when you are on the go all the time.

    • BritFlorida profile imageAUTHOR

      Jackie Jackson 

      5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @sousababy: Himself says Irish but I can't really hear that. It's the way he says 'button' - 'bootn' that sounds so Northern English.

    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      Yeah, the kids learn they way around these iPads so quickly. And to tell you the truth, I think the guy in the video sounded American-Australian (but then again, I'm Canadian, so what do I know about accents).

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      A great Lens thank you, very informative, I wonder if you could advise how you turn off Squidoo Ads? as I see you don`t have them.


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