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Avoiding/Disrupting Social programming

Updated on October 28, 2010

 Remember not to ever use any more than the prescribed amounts of the meds I mentioned.  These people will hit you with all they've got if you have no access to them (run out early).  This is how they almost killed me last time.  If the dosage isn't high enough, let your doctor know.  Do not take them "for fun" but DO take them to block the harassment around freinds and family.  I do not know how much has been destroyed mentally-speaking in the victims.  Some retain aspects of their personalities and some resemble lobotomy patients on strings.  When the "strings"on these people get cut, many will probably display internal brain atrophy or simply die because they've relied on this thing to move/think/talk/feel for them.  NEVER be around infected people while a TELEVISION or LAPTOP is present.  The longer you watch T.V. , the more "doors" you create for these mind-jackers to get in.  Because it is so late in the game, these people will do ANYTHING to "convert" you.  Avoid pornography because it's laced with "feminizing subliminal messages".  You can have sex, but things are better for you if you repent for doing so.  Because America has "gone synthetically-psychic", privacy no longer exists.  By simply NOT BEING CONTROLLED, we disrupt this "machine" that runs America like a Swiss-watch composed of people-parts.  Loud music is not only fun, it jams their means of punishing you.  They hate it when we normal people feel GOOD, just keep it as clean as you possibly can.  The fact that you resist is felt by everyone else, so playing psychic "hit and run" on the system may influence a great many others to do the same. 

      Flex your "I am powerful" will muscles and then go back to thinking of yourself as nothing and blank out your conscious mind completely.  Just be the music you Love (old stuff, not the subliminally-infested crap of so-called modern music).  To vanquish sick thoughts, you can imagine yourself and everything around you as energy-patterns.  Seeing yourself as invincible and indestructable helps, but remember to take my precautions I've mentioned in the last hub.  Thinking of yourself as someone or something else makes it impossible for them to synch with your perception of yourself (think of it as a "Fake Psychic I.D.").  This is especially effective in the workplace.  Also, make your own music in your mind to jam their subliminal commands.  If you ever feel "stuck" in a song, listen for your ringing ears, turn ee!ee!ee! into eeeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeeee.  This will break the hold and get you totally relaxed.  Stay REAL people........we walk amongst electronic puppets!


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