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How to be a Hacker - The newbie Guide

Updated on September 16, 2014

Guide to Becoming a Hacker

The internet is blooming and hackers are multiplying! Some of them are bad, others good, others just wannabees... But this guide serves to put you on your way into becoming an Angel Hacker.

The Angel Hacker is the Hacker that fights for justice and for the "light side" detecting system's flaws and warning institutions, performing counter-hacking measures, and getting paid to do it.

These types of Freedom Fighters are getting more popular because of the group Anonymous and various motion pictures. What is true? What is fiction? Can you get paid to do it?

Hacking for Dummies

Okay, you are going to say it is boring and "thanks for nothing Rui" but to hack you got to learn. Go to a library and study! Study hard! Study lots! You can find below some books I handpicked that are good to start, so go read them or buy them here - I don't care - but you have to work in order to get paid to Hack or to even hack. No work, no pay...

Now, continue on for some great tips.

Gear Up! - Get some Educational supplies

Are you a hacker type person? - Answer this

Do you get a huge thrill solving software and hardware problems? This is important, as the life of a hacker is solving computer problems, finding back doors, fixing up programming mistakes, spend hours and hours a day looking at ",+.10" signs. Don't get me wrong, but its not like you see on the movies!

Do you see yourself developing solutions for hours to just give them away for free? If you are thinking in becoming a hacker to your own personal gain, your legs are cut off here. Hacker unions like Anonymous and the other great organizations hate the kind of hackers or posers that just want to work for them. You got to be selfless and generous.

Do you intend to be one of the best? Hackers get know for one thing and one thing only - Competence... Competence at hacking especially!

If you want to get jobs you got to be good, if you have to get a good pay you have to provide good work, simple as that.

How to look like an Hacker - Without being a Hacker

Get some Respect on the Hacker Community

So now you know you are a hacker type person and you know how to look like an Hacker - found out looking like one is useless too (this one is for posers) - and now you want to get some respect in the hacker community to make a name for yourself and get fame - with it comes jobs.

Here is what you do if you know programming already - Find someone with a problem and solve it: Publish a debug, an error solved report, report vulnerabilities to site owners and etc... do it for free and hope nothing in return. People will soon start to acknowledge you, and chances are the people you solved the problems to will trust you and want more of your services - even refer friends to you!

If you don't know programming... well then...

Do you...

Do you want to...

See results

For newbies: What do I have to learn?

To start the life of an hacker, you have to learn about:

- Unix


- Programming

These are the basics. Study these and study them hard and you are off to a great start!

Hacker Wallpaper

Hacker Wallpaper
Hacker Wallpaper

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