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How to Block People on Gmail, Ymail, Outlook, and Other Email Services

Updated on January 17, 2018
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Januaris is a professional tech writer and blogger. He blogs about ecommerce, hardware and software fixes, video games, and product reviews.

There are many reasons that can force you to block people on an email service. One of the main reasons is to stop spamming on your account. Another reason is trying to avoid people after walking out of a relationship or partnership that doesn't interest you anymore.

Blocking People On Email Services
Blocking People On Email Services | Source

In this article, I'm going to discuss how to block people on Gmail, Ymail, Outlook, and other email services such as Hotmail, iCloud, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Read on to learn how to cut communication with annoying people or block spam on these email services.

How to Block People on Gmail

Google (owner of Gmail) doesn’t have a straightforward method to block addresses on its email service, but you can set up filters to keep your inbox free from unwanted messages. You can also make use of its browser (chrome) to ignore contacts.

  • Setting up filters: Gmail> Triangle icon (top right-hand side)> All mail (drop down window)> Enter sender’s address> Create filter with this search> Delete it.
  • From an opened message: Inbox> Select sender’s messages> More icon> Filter messages like this> Confirm search information> Create filter with this search> Delete it.
  • Using a Chrome extension: Download Block Sender for Gmail> Select sender’s message> Block button. Note: You can undo this from the confirmation message.

To unblock: Inbox> Settings> Filters> Delete.

To report spam: Sender’s message> Check box> Report spam.

Blocking Yahoo Emails

On Yahoo Mail, you can block hundreds of addresses and domains that send unwanted emails. See how to stop people from sending you messages on Ymail.

On your Yahoo Mail account, follow this path: Gear icon (top right corner)> Settings> Blocked addresses> Enter address to ignore> Block. Note: You can obstruct the entire domain to block all its usernames. To do this, just enter the domain address.

To unblock: Tick the checkbox next to the blocked address> Click the Remove button.

How to Block People on Outlook (2 Ways)

  • Block a sender by address: Sender’s message> Check or Open it> Sweep from toolbar> Delete all from… (Or place cursor over the sender’s name to access "Delete all from" and then follow this path): Delete all from> Also block future messages> Delete all.
  • Block any address: Gear icon (settings)> More mail settings> Preventing junk email> Safe and blocked senders> Blocked senders> Blocked email addresses or domain> Enter address to ignore.

Note: You can also block domains to ignore all addresses associated with the domains.

To stop spam, open spam message or tick its checkbox> Click spam button> Report junk emails and phishing scams (from the drop-down menu).

To unblock, just remove the address from the blocked list.

How to Block People on Hotmail (Outlook)

  • On Outlook: Outlook account> Mail settings (gear icon)> More mail settings> Preventing junk messages> Safe and blocked senders> Blocked senders> Enter address or domain to block.
  • On Hotmail: Hotmail account> Gear symbol (settings)> More mail settings> Preventing junk messages> Safe and blocked senders> Blocked senders> Enter contact address> Add to list.

To unblock, Blocked list> Remove address.

Blocking People on Outlook Express

Inbox> Sender’s email (right click)> Junk email (hover cursor)> Add Sender to Blocked Senders List> Yes.

Remove sender or domain (unblock): Tools menu> Message Rules> Block senders list> Blocked sender> Click name or domain> Remove.

Blocking Unwanted Contacts on iCloud

iCloud account> Mail menu> Settings (gear icon)> Add a rule> Enter address or domain to ignore> Move to trash> Done.

To unblock: iCloud account (login)> Action menu> Rules> Select rule to change> Change a rule> Info button> Specify new filtering conditions> Done.

How to Block on Mozilla Thunderbird

Like iCloud, you need to create rules and filters to block addresses and messages on Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Blocking addresses: Tools> Message filters> New> Enter filter name> Apply filter when (make sure the tabs change to "From" and "Is")> Enter address to block> Perform these actions> Move message to> Delete message> OK.
  • Blocking domains: Click "Is"> "Ends with"> Enter domain address> Move message to> Delete message> Delete from POP server> OK.

To unblock, you need to remove the address from the blocked list. As for the deleted messages, you can just restore them (bring them back to the inbox).

Blocking People On Mozilla Thunderbird
Blocking People On Mozilla Thunderbird | Source

Blocking Email Addresses on AOL

From your AOL account, follow this path: Settings> Spam controls> Spam Filters by Address> Custom> Block mail from> Enter address to block> Green + icon> Add filter> Add address> Save.

To unblock, Settings> Spam controls> Communication and Organization> Delete address or domain from Sender Filter List> Save

How to Block Addresses or Domains on Zoho (2 Ways)

  • Settings> Mail settings> Common settings> Anti-spam> Enter address or domain to obstruct> Plus button> Save.
  • Set up a filter: Sender’s message> Add to> Filter> Click (X, -) icons> Show more options> Delete the message> Save.

To unblock, Control panel> Troubleshoot> Blocked accounts> Select account> Unblock

Blocking on Mac OS X

Mail account> Preferences> Rules> Add rule> From contains (change to this)> Enter address> Delete message> Description> OK.

To unblock an iMessage: Messages menu> Preferences> Accounts> Blocked> Contact to unblock> Unblock

Blocking People on Yandex (2 Ways)

  • Yandex account> All settings (gear icon)> Message filtering> Blacklist> Enter address> Add.
  • Sender’s message (open)> Add to blacklist.

To unblock: Yandex account> All settings> Message filtering> Blacklist> Check the address to undo> Delete from the list.

How to Block a Sender on

Follow this path: Inbox account> Settings> Black/White list> Enter address or domain> Block.

To unblock a Sender: Tools> Junk Email Protection> Blocked Senders> Email Address or Domain to unblock> Delete

How to Block on Optonline

Optonline account> Preferences (upper right corner)> Blocked sender list> Enter address or domain to ignore> Delete or Spam folder> Save.

To unblock: Blocked senders> Sender’s address> Remove.

Blocking Users on Fastmail

Fastmail account> Advanced> Folders> Choose "As non-spam"> Create and name a folder> Mark as "As spam"> Set it to> "Purge 7 days old".

To unblock, you need to remove the blocked address or domain from the folder.

Blocking on Hushmail (2 Ways)

  • Hushmail account> Domain (left side) > Configure (allow and block list button)> Address or domain names> Email address to block> Add to the list
  • Hushmail account> Spam control> Manage your allow and block lists.

To unblock, you need to go to the block list and remove the address or domain.

Blocking People On Hushmail
Blocking People On Hushmail | Source

How to Block Emails on MSN

MSN account> Help & Settings> Settings> Email address box> Enter address or domain> Block.

To unblock, you just need to remove the address or domain from the block list.

Blocking Users on Comcast

Sender's message (right click)> New Filter> Enter Filter name> Minus button at the end of subject row (click)> Perform the following actions> Discard.

To unblock, you need to restore the sender's message and delete the created filter.


As you can see, it is pretty easy to block people on an email service. If you have people who don't add value to your life and want to avoid communicating with them, you can just block them with the help of this guide.

Some email services do not have reliable methods to block contacts or messages. If you are using Lycos, Goowy, My Way, Care 2, Juno, MySpace, or GMX, you can only rely on their spam filter systems as they do not have clear ways to block people.

Have you ever blocked people on Gmail, Ymail, Outlook, or any other email service?

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If yes, did you succeed in cutting communication with them?

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    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 

      3 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very useful information. I receive spam messages from unknown people and they all show up in my spam folder of my Gmail. I wonder how people are able to send messages like that. They invite for chatting, etc. I delete them immediately on opening my computer without clicking on them.


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