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How To Buy A Domain Name The Right Way

Updated on November 2, 2015

An Important Aspect Of Starting An Online Business

A domain name is probably the most important aspect of starting an online business, it far out weighs any SEO strategies and even the platform you choose to launch your business whether that be WordPress, Joomla or a custom built website.

You see, this is where many webmasters get it all wrong and they have to struggle to get their website indexed into the right marketplace to sell their products or services. You might be thinking, OK this guy is talking about keyword rich domain names but you would be wrong, what I am talking about is branding.

And with the continuous updates being released Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird by Google that are effecting Exact Match Domains (Keyword Domains) as well as many other aspects you need to get this right.

Ron Cripps
Ron Cripps

Why Listen To Me?

Getting To Know Me

Hi my name is Ron Cripps an avid blogger father and web site designer with more than 12 years experience online. I specialize in creating Mobile Responsive WordPress sites and the marketing of those sites.

The reason I am writing this lens is mainly out of complete frustration when dealing with clients and even friends that race out with an idea about starting an online business and dive into registering a domain name before they have a full understanding about what it is they are doing or even what they want to do online.

The days of grabbing a domain name throwing a heap of content onto the site and getting ranked are now gone and you need to plan out every aspect of starting and running a business online.

Well, that's enough about me lets get stated.

Doing Some Quick Research Is The Key

What you are going to use here is a free tool called Domain Tools.

So to get started lets head on over to your Google browser and type in the search box "domain tools". depending on your browser and location it should be the number one listing in your Google search results.

Domain Tools
Domain Tools

When you arrive at the domain tools website you just need to look for the "Buy Domains" section in the main navigation and then the sub heading of domain suggestions to get started.

Don't worry about the tabs name as we are not going to be buying any domains just doing some research. Before you start any searches you might want to adjust the settings on the left hand side to get a full view of all the options you have available.

You can set your price range, I move this out to $5000+ then select the domain score it will default to 3-10 but you can lower that to 0. Next you can set the character length and then which extensions you are interested in, I choose the "Let Me Choose Option". You also have the option to select .asia and .mobi TLDs.

MarketPlace Results
MarketPlace Results
Domainer's Bible: A Beginner's Guide To Buying and Selling Domain Names (Fifth Edition)
Domainer's Bible: A Beginner's Guide To Buying and Selling Domain Names (Fifth Edition)

This is a fantastic book that gives you lots more insights into buying and selling domain names in today's market


Lastly you can select to find only domains that have no hyphens or numbers in them, this is recommended as it is much harder to brand a domain with these elements in them.

So looking at the screen shot above you can see that I typed in Squidoo as my search term and I am presented with a huge list of more than 100 similar domain names all with the keyword as part of the name. You can see the score, availability the price of each domain name listed including its extension and even if it is currently at auction.

You can even click on each name in the list to see even more information about a particular business name you like such as when it was created whether or not there is a website associated and who currently owns it.

Another tool you should be aware of especially if you are registering a previously owned domain name is the "Way Back Machine" where you can use archive information on a site to see what it once was and how it looked online. If the site looks spammy or is displaying content that is not related at all to the name of the site it may pay to move on and try to get a different name.

If the site has been penalized for some reason it may be more trouble than what it is worth to register and start a business with.

With more than 250 million domains registered to date it is only natural that some of these has attracted some attention from Google.

Great Books On Buying Domain Names

These are some book that i highly recommend you take a look at. You business is what earns you a living and if you start off on the wrong foot your will struggle constantly online to maintain a good ranking and even hold the attention of your site visitors.

Domain Names For Dummies?
Domain Names For Dummies?

I don't think this book needs any introduction it is the most popular brand of book online today foe How To do things and i recommend it to any one new that wants to get started online.


It's Good Business Sense - Taking the time to choose the right domain name is just good business.

Good Business
Good Business

As I have said there are more than 250 million domain names floating around in cyber space and around 45 million of those are said to be the best to have, being the .com extension.

Regardless of the extension something you need to realize very fast is that effectively there are millions od sites fighting for traffic and sales and buy taking a step back and doing a little research you can eliminate many of these competitors without writing a single word of text.

That's right a well researched domain name that completely brands your business will place you a mile in front of many other online businesses, it will not take you long and it's well worth the effort.

It is becoming more common in our everyday life to see images and here announcements on radio television or even word of mouth that relate to some online business. This is all done by having a well branded domain/online business name.

Domain Names Rewired: Strategies for Brand Protection in the Next Generation of the Internet
Domain Names Rewired: Strategies for Brand Protection in the Next Generation of the Internet

Protecting your brand is just as important as registering the domain name. A must read book for anyone serious about doing business on the internet.


Tell me what you want to know about registering a domain name whether it is the process or more on branding and I will add it to the lens.

This is your chance to have the right information at your fingertips don't let it pass you by.

Tell Me What You Want To Know - There is a lot more information I can add to this lens but I need to know what you want

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