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How to clean your keyboard

Updated on September 21, 2016

Have you seen what your typing on!?

If you're an active desk-jocky or computer-holic, you'll probably know that your keyboard seems to get the best and worst of everything!

I understand your pain: working away and you get a hair, or crumb stuck down the side of the 'u' key, no way to get it out apart from taking your household vacuum cleaner to it, or taking the keyboard apart! So you think, I'll just leave it, then sort it out later... and later... and later, until you look at your grimy keyboard and think, "something has to be done!"

I've tried the best and worst techniques to clean your keyboard, and will now share them with you!


#1 Dust

Dust is annoying, but can be dealt with quickly and effectively!

You will need 2 things for removing dust:

a brush and a can of compressed air.


a hand-held vacuum

Both of which do the same thing, although if you have a can of compressed air, it can be more accurate for the initial cleaning process, vacuums tend to be better for regular use with small levels of dust.

How to clean your dusty keyboard with compressed air

Grab a bin and gently shake the keyboard over the bin.

Brush out any big pieces of dirt with your brush whilst holding it over the bin before using the compressed air.

Attach the nozzle of the compressed air and aim it into the cracks of the keyboard wherever you see dust.


You should always vacuum your keyboard regularly in order to keep it functioning well and clean, a hand held vacuum is great for this task!

Image source: Cnet

#2 Germs

You don't always see the germs on your keyboard... and when you do see them, they've become a dark sticky brown paste on your keyboard which dries out into a crust. Eww! But its true!

So now think back about a month: your keyboard was rather OK looking... so what happened?

Remember all those sneezes? Coughing? Eating food? All that will cause the transfer of bacteria! Not to mention you bacteria covered hands constantly transferring grime!

Dealing with the germs is easy and quick, and you will need:

electronics-friendly disinfectant, such as an isopropyl alcohol solution.

Use isopropyl and NOT ethyl, as ethyl can remove lettering off of the keys. About 60% alcohol or more is should do the trick.

How to get rid of germs on your keyboard using rubbing alcohol

Grab some lint-free or electrical cloths and place a little of the rubbing alcohol onto a cloth.

Rub the wetted area on the area affected.

OR (if you have dirty bits between the keys)

Dab cotton buds into the rubbing alcohol.

Rub the cotton buds between the keys and kill those bugs!

Image source: Fuseink

#3 Washable keyboards

Yes! I kid you not! These things are real and they are rather handy if you work in a place with lots of dust and dirt - factory, farm, maybe outdoor companies?

These are real handy! But it does involve a new keyboard.

How to clean a washable keyboard

A very easy and quick way to keep your hardware, cleanware!

Just dip these keyboards in WARM soapy water and gently wipe over with a sponge or cloth in the water to make sure the dust and germs are gone!

Leave to dry after the bathing!

Image source: PC Mag

#4 The Goo

A slightly ominous title but I believe this is the best way to clean your keyboard!

I have a Logitech G15, which wasn't exactly a cheap keyboard but one that has done me well. Anyways, I always had problems with cleaning it until I saw a new product, which I will admit, I was cautious about... But it is amazing!

The only thing you need is cleaning goo!

How to clean your keyboard with Cyber Clean

Just place the goo on your keyboard, or other device.

Peel it off after a few seconds and observe all the dirt and grime it removes!

It is reusable, biodegradable, kills bacteria, leaves no residue!

It's a win win win situation!... provided you don't eat it - cause you can't!

Image source: Mashable

Is your keyboard dirty?

Has this helped?

Do you think you have a better way of cleaning your keyboard?

Then tell the world!

Comment, talk, say words and things! - What do you think?

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