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How to connect a laptop/desktop to your TV

Updated on July 28, 2013

Use your HDTV as an extra Laptop/desktop Monitor

Did you ever just browse through those funny You Tube video's and want to share it with the family or friends so that you can all laugh together? Or how about those incredible singers..... you know the ones that no one has ever heard of yet, but they have like 2 gazillion people watching their

You Tube audition online. This is so addicting for me, after I finish watching one of these I can't help myself I just keep clicking on the next video in that category or start searching for another one to watch. Next thing I know it is two hours later.

I also love to watch Amazon movies on my computer, but sometimes I just want to relax in bed or on the couch and watch those same video's on the TV screen.

Instead of everyone clunking heads trying to squeeze around the laptop or desktop screen, you can just connect your laptop/desktop computer to your TV.

It is so easy to connect your laptop or desktop computer to a TV and here is how to do just that:

Connect Laptop / Desktop to HDMI TV

Step by Step

OK! You should now be able to use your TV as an extra monitor.

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