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How Not To Crash Your Computer

Updated on December 4, 2010

How to crash your computer is simple, Just don't have any Anti Virus software, download online files to the hilt without checking first, and then last but not least don't update your security software settings.

I  can guarantee your computer will crash in no time. But if you want to avoid such a tragedy then this Hub will teach you  the best practices for keeping a well maintained computer system in a safe and working condition.If you have a Windows XP then go through the Video Tutorial already installed on your computer, as this will show you step by step what software you already have to protect and maintain your computer. Do this first before finding any alternative solutions on the internet.

Crash Your Computer But Save Files

There is hope if your computer crashes and you think all your files and documents went with it.... Not all is lost when your computer crashes, depending on the severity of the damage 9 times out of 10 the files and docs can be retrievable. If all data is still saved on your computer's hard Disk than there is definitely some hope for retrieval. Data recovery software maybe the only solution  if you feel that it maybe a little to complicated.

There are many online tools specifically made for retrieving lost data, but doing some research to find which is the best software to use is worth your time, so gather some info on the subject.If there is no solution using data recovery software then you may need to get a professional computer technician to physically remove your hard disk and retrieve any data left on the disk.

Crash Your Computer Game Online

A "crash your computer game" For the more humorous side of things... they have actually got a online game dedicated to those who would like a full fledged experience of destroying and crashing a  computer.

Well it ain't that destructive of a game  it may even be a stress reviler for some, anyway this funny flash game is from and let's you take revenge with your computer, and let out all that anger and frustration built up every time your computer has crashed on you for real. This is a virtual computer that you control and crash, and is not recommended for your own computer. The game lets you reassemble your virtual computer and start again.

Websites That Crash Your Computer

There are many viruses that can be loaded to any unsuspecting user buy opening the wrong websites. There is an increasingly and evolving array of malicious viruses being downloaded online these days. Most users will not know the difference until your computer starts to show hidden messages and banners that come outta nowhere. Some viruses will pop up a banner offering something that will entice you, and therefore lead you to a site that has even more malicious codes. Try and stay away from sites that are not well known or not established like E-Bay or Amazon. Porn sites are more than likely candidates for harboring malicious software , as well as any software that doesn't show an authentic signature in the down load box. AVG anti virus 2011 will warn you of any potentially harmful websites by showing either a green or red icon next to the site in the search results.And is totally Free to use.

Security Settings For Windows


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      ms 6 years ago

      Dell is giving away laptops and stuff to certain facebook people one of my friends sisters friends have gotten a laptop and i am about to submit my info but i dont know if it might put a virus on my nook color my parents say if it crashes it i wont get a new one I NEED HELP !!! I dont know if i should do it or not