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How to Create Gmail Labels?

Updated on May 28, 2010

Step by step instructions

So emails are coming to your gmail account from so many different senders! What to do?

1. Go to

2. Open the mail of any sender that you want to categories.

3. Now from the upper bar of that mail roll over to the option "labels" and then click on "Create New".

4. "Please enter a new label name:" below this message there is a empty box. Enter the name that you want to give to the category of that mail.

5. Then click "ok". Your label or category for the particular sender is created.

6. Now from the left hand side bar of your gmail account, you can select any label that you had created previously.

7. From there you can give colour to your label, rename your label or just hide or delete your label.

8. Also in gmail settings there is label option that you can use to manage your labels.

Thus we can create and manage gmail labels.

Using Labels in Gmail


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