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How to detect and remove tracking software

Updated on May 18, 2012


Sometimes when you visit some unreliable sites or download different files or programs from Internet, which contain tracking software. Tracking software is the collective term, which defines different forms of it, such as: spyware, adware, keyloggers and tracking cookies. All these software is called tracking because it follows your activity with your computer and your surfing in the Internet. All the types of tracking software are hard to detect on a PC, because it is deeply hidden in the system and shows almost no activity. Perhaps the only sign of the presence of tracking software on your computer is the inconspicuous slowdown of the performance and that’s all. In order to detect any tracking software you should have a very powerful antispyware program. But if the program will find the software, it does not mean that it will remove tracking software from your computer. Some software can be removed… but for some time it will restore itself and will go on its malicious chase of your activity.

Types of trackware

So, if you often download different suspicious files and programs from the Internet and your computer performance is not quick enough, so probably you have tracking software on your computer. If you suspect this phenomenon, so you should remove tracking software from your computer, otherwise it will steal your personal data.

Tracking software is so unpleasant thing that even if it will not manage to get your personal information it will annoy you with different unwanted websites, search results and pop-up windows, which will include the advertising information according to your search requests.

So, if you have spyware, it will try to get the number of your credit card to steal your money. Adware will torment you with different pop-up windows (even if your internet connection is not working at the moment).

Keylogger is a type of tracking software that is able to record everything that you type on your keyboard (including all passwords and logins from your Internet accounts and your personal letters to somebody) and it even can send the information to its creators-hackers. Tracking cookies are the special type of the tracking software that is able to follow everything that you visit in the Internet and record everything you see there and send the information to its developers and then you will get the advertisements according to the sites that you visited.

Trackware Removal Manual

There is a method to prevent the appearance of tracking software on your computer: follow safe surfing on the Internet. We mean that you should not visit some sites that can include viruses and other infections, visit only official sites of companies. Don't download files and programs from the suspicious sites. You can download programs only from the sites that are the real Manufacturer Site of software you are going to get. Then you should not open suspicious attached files from the e-mail letter from unknown author. The attached files as well as the letter itself can contain infections. Also you should have security program that will guarantee the safe surfing.

So, if you are sure that your computer is infected with keylogger, spyware, or adware so you can follow the instructions bellow in order to remove tracking software from your computer:

  1. Boot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. In that Mode some services are not available for the infections, so they are not active and you can successfully remove the infection from your computer.
  2. Open you browser, download Spybot Search and Destroy utility
  3. Install the utility on your computer and update it, by pressing Search For Updates button.
  4. When the updates will be installed, you should press Check For Problems button.
  5. Then the program will ask your permission to remove all the Internet files and when you will agree, then the utility will scan your computer for tracking objects. And after the scan you should click on Remove Selected Problems button.
  6. Click on the Restart button, giving the chance for the utility to find some other additional problems. Click OK and after the scan you should press Remove Selected Problems button.

If you have tracking cookies, so follow the next instructions:

  1. Open your browser and click Tools.
  2. Then select Internet Options, Browsing History category and Settings.
  3. Click on View Files or on View Objects your tracking cookies will be available for you your view, remove them. If you have Firefox 3 version of your browser, you should click Options and Tools. Then select Privacy and Show Cookies. You can remove them there.

Tools to remove trackware

Also you should know that there are several special removal tools for spyware or for adware. If you know the name of your infection, so you can download the special removal toll from the Internet. There are also powerful antivirus programs that are able to detect and to remove tracking software. We can advise you different software, for example MalwareBytes Antimalware, Security Stronghold Antivirus or Spyware Doctor.


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