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How To Fix Slow Internet Windows 7

Updated on April 5, 2012

Windows 7 is the latest operating system available today. Even with the newest computer, newest software, and the newest internet connection. The computer will eventually start to frustrate you with slow internet speeds that you can experience. The reason for slow internet connections, is due to a number of different reasons. Most of these issues can be taken care of fairly quickly and easily with just a couple of cleaning programs.

1. Internet connection: The most common reason for slow internet is the internet connection so here are some things to consider when checking for slow internet connection.

a. Check your internet cables make sure your cables are seated properly and the lines are not pinched

b. Check your Wi-Fi signal – if you have Wi-Fi check to make sure you are getting a excellent signal. Check if you have a 950 MHz phone or other electrical appliances around your wireless router. These things can interfere with your wireless connection

c. Check your internet provider – check with your internet provider and have them come out to check for line noise and double check if you are correctly getting the speed they advertise.

d. Speed Test – use a third party to check the connection speed to your computer

2. If, the above have been checked and everything seems to be satisfactory then the next step is checking your computers software. Many of the issues with slowness are due to these reasons

a. Virus/Spyware – Many computers that are connected to the internet experience performance slowdowns due to Virus/Spyware issues. Using an updated virus and malware scan can significantly benefit your machine. If, you do not already have one there are many free ones available. Like AVG, that do a excellent job at detecting many viruses and Trojans on our PC.

b. Computer files – many times when a computer starts to run slower over time it is because it has many access files that do not necessarily need to be present. These can cause a significant slowdown on computers. There is a couple of things you can do to help clean p these options.

- Run Disk Cleanup – remove any of the arduous files and compact unused files

- Disk defragment – This will help organize your files, so windows can access them faster

- Clean cookies/history – clean out your browser cache so that the machine will be forced to update the information from the web quicker

Just running the cleanup tools above can significantly enhance the speed of your internet browsing. So, set a time to have this ongoing maintenance entirely at least monthly.

c. Corrupt Registry – A lot of the time when it comes down to the slowness of your computer it is because of a corrupt registry. Many older programs that have uninstalled or files that have been moved create entries that are no longer valid. So, once months with your clean up schedule use a registry cleaner to help remove some of old entries those are no longer valid.

- Many registry cleaners are free I recommend Ccleaner

- Clean up any unnecessary programs and remove old entry information

- Compact the registry for windows to read it easier.

3. Now if, none of the above work and your browser is still experiencing slowness It may be time to reinstall the browser. Microsoft has several locations where you can upgrade or reinstall the Internet explorer browser. If you are using chrome, safari, or Firefox or another browser simply use the add remove programs option to remove it. Then have a fresh copy to install it from the associated website.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    have you tried loading the hub with a different Browser? safari, chrome or firefox?

  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 

    6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    Good tips for troubleshooting slow internet windows. I wish I could find out why one of my hubs opens really really slow or it crashes my system completely. The others work just fine. I tried to repair by deleting cookies but it didn't help.


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