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How to Get a Free Writers Email Address

Updated on March 18, 2015

Grab One Yourself! (click or type) Go and get creative with your email address, Whether you are an accountant or just love art they have an email address for you.

Free Email Address You Can Personalise

The Personalisation you can achieve with this email is vast. Here are a few examples that makes this particular one my favourite:

Custom email address: This part is my favourite bit of the email, You can have Email addresses like or you can even tailor your audience to the country they are in like for example Scroll down to read more.

Weather Reports: Wouldn't it be nice to just log in to your emails and then see the weather reports for your area so you know whether to take a coat.

News Feed: like Yahoo and Msn, you have a news feed that will tell you the latest news in an area of your choice. Only difference is, instead of signing out, you can still view the news when logged into the email because it's at the bottom.

Colour: You can select a range of colour to use for viewing your email. mine currently is Green which adds a touch of home.

Ads: You can pay to go premium and have even more features that includes going ad free. This can be useful for extra security too.

Don't Compromise Your Email

No compromises on your emails.
No compromises on your emails. | Source

Added Security

Email is indeed one of our most basic forms of communication nowadays. Unfortunately though, threats to our computer lurk behind every opened browser and within emails in the form of attachments. Thus, the need for antivirus protection is greater than ever. They have an antivirus tool that not only protects your computer, but also scans through the emails without compromising the confidentiality of them. So in short it scans through without reading them.

Antivirus - Keeps your computer safe

Once installed, the Antivirus tool will scan all emails and file attachments, not only detecting malware, but also removing all viruses, spyware and trojans. This ensures the safety of your work and personal computer. When faced with phishing scams this tool works wonders.

Get the Free App.

The Android app is Free and has great usability. The functions are close to the webmail version but alas, you can email on the go. Like many apps for emails this app can also give you the best experience for your account and all your other accounts (e.g. hotmail, yahoo or gmail). Enjoy features like pinch to zoom for html mails and get the best overview in the unique fullscreen mode. Set a customized quiet time for when you don’t want to be notified by incoming messages, great for when you are at a meeting or even a special do.

It is simple, fast and secure using advanced encryption technologies (TLS, SSL). Send and receive mails via IMAP, POP and SMTP from all of your mail accounts. You can simply attach a photo or several pictures to any mail.


Work from your Browser? Get the Extension

Its not only quicker, but you just have to sign in once and get all your email notifications while you surf or work.

  • One-click access to your mailbox
  • Displays the number of unread messages in your inbox
  • Quick and easy sign in.

You can install it quick and easy and they also have a Firefox Special edition which is designed for the power behind that fox that includes home page, search engine and more.

Comparison against Gmail

Free Version
Premium Version
Mobile App
Mail Storage
File Sending limit
Ad Free

Features of the File Storage

2 GB of free and secure disk space for your files

You want to share your files with your contacts or simply store any of your personal files securely online, where you can access them everywhere and anytime? File Storage enables you to personalize your folders and offers you a free environment to manage big volumes of data.

For all file types

With you can to store any type of file, sorting them into specific folders, for example your favorite music and videos or your business presentations. Anything goes… Just try it out!

Offer a guest access

Are you annoyed by dividing your larger files into smaller ones, in order not to overload your email account? Those days are over. With File Storage you can grant access to any of your contacts with password protection.


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