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How to Bypass School Firewall on Android

Updated on January 25, 2016

Introduction: Bypass Firewall

It is the norm in so many schools and colleges that the computer labs and everywhere else internet has been provided, firewalls have been used to filter the internet. The firewall by filtering the internet ensures that access to unauthorized websites is restricted. The same can be used at the work place and various other different settings where a fair usage policy of the internet may be demanded or that people are encouraged to engage in more meaningful undertaking when on the internet.

The firewalls may even end up even blocking the seemingly legitimate websites and this may be annoying especially when you have something urgent and important to do. It is important to learn how to bypass school firewall on android.

Here are a number of methods which by following simple and fast steps which can be used to easily get around and bypass a firewall.

First Method: Change Proxy to Bypass Firewall

The method will involve changing the internet proxy to bypass the firewall and open the different websites to which access was denied.

  • Begin by finding a proxy which is working and will provide 100% uptime.

  • Click on the start button and run the cmd and type the command ‘inetcpl.cpl’ and click enter.

  • Click on LAN settings on the open connections tab.

  • Go to Use a proxy server for your LAN and here input the address and the port number of the proxy chosen earlier.

  • Click on OK on all the windows to effect the change with the final window being Internet properties.

  • Browse for the blocked site and see if you get access to the site.

How to Bypass School Firewall

Second Method: Use Website IP to Bypass Firewall

This method involves getting the IP address to a website from its URL in an attempt to bypass the firewall.

  • Start by clicking on start and initiating the command prompt. Alternatively, click on Start, then All Programs, Accessories and finally Command Prompt.

  • On the command prompt, type the word ping and the website URL which the firewall had blocked.

  • Note and save the IP address of the pinged website
  • Open your browser, type and enter the IP address on the address bar.
  • The website will load and you will have successfully the firewall.


Some of the methods on how to bypass the school firewall on android will not always work across the different types of firewall. These are ways which are only used at your own risk especially in the light of policies and penalties put in place by the institutions.


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