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Make a Giant MSN Emoticons to shock your friends!

Updated on March 29, 2011

How to make a Giant MSN Icons in your contact list?

In order to make a big giant msn emoticon smiley showing on your friend's msn contact list, there are only a few easy steps you have to do!

The Giant MSN emoticons method is proved only working in MSN9.0 or MSN8.5 may not showing the effects!

Here is a list of the Secret MSN Emoticons that is not showing in the Default view:

Xbox (xx)

Crossed fingers (yn)

Age, sex, location (?)

Handcuffs (%)

Cigarette (ci)

Try it yourself!


1) Right Click -> Save as... on the following link: MSN.txt (or click and copy the text)

2) Replace the text with your own at the beginning BEFORE the funny looking characters

3) Replace the emoticons AFTER the funny looking characters

4) Bask in glory that you stand out more than everyone else on your contacts list.


MSN Messenger Emoticons Code List

Smile :)

Grin :d

Suprised :o

Tongue smile :p

Wink ;)

Sad :(

Confused :s

Disappointed :-|

Crying :'(

Shy :$

Cool (H)

Angry :@

Angel (A)

Devil (6)

Don't tell :-#

Teeth 8o|

Dull 8-|

Sarcastic ^o)

Telling secrets :-*

Sick +o(

Don't know :^)

Thinking *-)

Party <:o)

Rolling eyes 8-)

Drowsy |-)

Coffee (C)

Thumb up (Y)

Thumb down (N)

Beer (B)

Cocktail (D)

Girl (X)

Guy (Z)

Guy hug ({)

Girl hug (})

Bat :[

Cake (^)

Heart (L)

Broken heart (U)

Kiss (K)

Present (G)

Rose (F)

Wilted rose (W)

Camera (P)

Film (~)

Cat (@)

Dog (&)

Phone (T)

Lightbulb (I)

Music note (8)

Sleeping moon (S)

Star (*)

Envelope (E)

Clock (O)

MSN Messenger icon (M)

Snail (sn)

Black sheep (bah)

Plate (pl)

Chopstick (||)

Pizza (pi)

Soccer (so)

Car (au)

Airplane (ap)

Umbrella (um)

Island with palm tree (ip)

Computer (co)

Mobile phone (mp)

Storm (st)

Lightning (li)

Money (mo)

Rabbit ('.')

Be right back (brb)

Turtle (tu)

High 5 (h5)

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