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How to Migrate Drupal from Cpanel to Plesk Hosting Server

Updated on September 7, 2014

As your blog grow in terms of popularity, you may feel the need to move to a quality hosting service provider. Sometimes, the host helps the customers with the migration process,while the others want the customers to pay extra charge for migration.If you are not willing to pay and move your Drupal website on your own, this hub is going to demonstrate you everything you need to migrate a site to a new web host.The migration process can be divided into two parts: taking backup of your site, including database, and uploading the site in the new hosing accounts.

Backup Your Site and Database

If you are a cPanel or Plesk user, your backup process will take a few clicks. At first click on “backup” in your cPanel dashboard. Next, click on backup and restore.

Next click on the “download” under home directory. Select the format of the backup. You can either download it as .tar or as .zip file. Once the download get finished, you have to take the backup of the database by clicking on “download”. An alternate way to take database backup is suing the export option in PhpMyAdmin. Remember to take backup of the database; no need to take backup of your information_schema. If you have already taken backup using the backup option of cPanel, then you have to use only the database file, which will look like databasname_drpl1 or something like that; ignore all other files. When you have the database file in your computer, rename it to match your new database. Or you can keep it as it as and create as new database, username and password in your new host with the same name as your old one. Have a look at the screenshot given below to see which two files you need to take backup of.

Drupal site migration
Drupal site migration | Source

What to do after taking the backup

Upload the backup file from your computer to your web server. If you are using cPanel then upload the files to root folder (/).if you do not want the emails and other files then you can only upload all the files of your public_html in your the public_html of your new host. For users switching to Plesk from cPanel, the files should be uploaded in httpdocs directory in Plesk. Next create a database in MySQL using MyPHPadmin. Also, create a user name and password for the database, assigning all types of privileges to that user.

Note: You can name your new database as the old one or can create a new database name.


In the Plesk panel the location of settings. php will be at / httpdocs / sites/defaultThe database and user information in settings.php need to change to match the new database in your new host. Once you upload all the Drupal files in your new host, go to /sites/default/settings.php and update username, password and database name to match your new database and save the file.. Take a look at the following codes of settings.php file:

$databases = array (
  'default' => 
  array (
    'default' => 
    array (
      'database' => 'mydatabase_drpl1',
      'username' => 'crawl',
      'password' => ' kite',
      'host' => 'localhost',
      'port' => '',
      'driver' => 'mysql',
      'prefix' => '',

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Import Database in your New Host

From the PhpMyAdmin, click on import and then select the database file in your computer to upload it to your new webhost. Let the rest of the settings as usual and click on “Go” to start uploading process. Once upload get finished you will get a new about the success of the upload. Do not forget to change your database file name to match it with the new database name.


If you ever face any error while migrating your Drupal to a new webhost, it will be, in most cases, related to the settings of the settings.php file. Always keep in mind that the database name, username and password should match that of the new host.Also, check the directory permission of you new host. I hope you will find no difficulty in moving your Drupal site to a new host.


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