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How To Overclock The AMD A6 3420M to 2.9 GHz

Updated on April 2, 2013


Overclocking the amd processors has been a favorite of mine sense amd came out.Now before i tell you how to overclock or O.C. i want to tell you that you have to pay attention to some factors when your doing so. First off you MUST watch your temperature you can install coretemp with a quick google. a lot of people ask that question. What is a safe temp? Well I've been seeing that a safe temp is anything lower then 200. if your running a constant high temperature like 175 then its safe to say you need to tone it down a little. its unsafe to the apu to run it that hot and you run the risk of frying it. Second we need to talk about the voltages of the computer. DO NOT go outside of the voltages given to you. you will get the blue screen. Third is the graphics. You need to uninstall amd catalyst if your going to o.c. the computer. It inter fears with the overclock. The graphics do have a great increase of performance with the overclock of the computer. It overclocks the gpu also with the cpu and you can see up to a 30% increase of performance. Fourth and last the program fusion tweaker automatically overclocks the computer at start up, unlike others like k10 stat the overclock is automatic. Today we are talking about how to overclock your amd A6 3420m apu. First off you need to download the software fusion tweaker . All you have to do is Google it and download it for your 64 bit processor. Sense i have made a video about this hub here and put it on YouTube i will have the video posted below with the links. I have 4 right now, an original and an update. I hope this helps you in the pursuit to overclock your apu.

Speeds vs Intel

So according to bench marks my computer with the AMD a6 3420m scores a 3655 on the processor test with pasmark. witch is about equivalent as an ivy bridge i5 mobile. the stock a6 gets about a 2500 or so and that's about the same as a core i3 mobile. After many hours of r researching i have come up that the AMD a6 3420 is more cost effective then the Intel line of laptops. They have superior graphics over the graphics 4000. Overclocked the apu gives out core i5 benchmarks. with twice the ability of there graphics. So just an overview save your money with Intel this time. Cause AMD wins the battle.

Please watch the first one and then the second one because it gives you an inside on how to overclock the apu.




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    • ReefAdvise profile image

      ReefAdvise 4 years ago

      No the catalyst is for the A series and vision is for discreet graphics.

    • profile image

      Ethan 4 years ago

      Is the VISON Control Center the same as Catalyst?

    • atechwiz profile image

      atechwiz 4 years ago

      Nice hub. I used to do a bit of overclocking and it is fun to squeeze extra performance from your system. Like you mentioned, you need to be careful not to fry the processors though.

    • ReefAdvise profile image

      ReefAdvise 4 years ago

      you remove only catalyst. nothing else.

    • profile image

      R-B 4 years ago

      despues de borrar el amd catalyst y OC el procesador, lo vuelvo a instalar o dejo la laptop asi?