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How To Play Easy Beginners Gospel Songs For Piano & Keyboard

Updated on July 19, 2012

Play Beginner GREAT Gospel Songs On Piano & Keyboard

If you are just a beginner to piano or keyboard then you are probably dreaming of a time when you are not thinking what Gospel Songs can I play but what Gospel Songs do I want to play.

Well there are some easy ways to learn gosple songs which I'll tell you about further down this page, but first let's just take a look at what Gospel music actually is...

Thought to originate in the deep south of America, modern day Gospel music was widely sung in worship by African American slaves. To this day it is still very popular in Christian church.

Gospel music tends to be repetitive in format which is designed to make it easier for large groups to participate at the same time. It has a simplicity to it that makes it very accessible.

Whilst many Gospel songs can be performed just vocally, it certainly helps if there is a degree of instrumentation, particularly piano or keyboard . The good news is that because Gospel music is by nature simple and repetitive then even untrained piano or keyboard players are able to play accompaniment to Gospel singers or choirs.


So What Are The 10 Easiest Beginners Gospel Songs

Check out this list of piano & keyboard songs:

1 - Amazing Grace: (level of difficulty: very easy)

2 - Seeing Is Believing: (level of difficulty: very easy)

3 - Halleluiah: (level of difficulty: easy)

4 - Go Tell It On The Mountain: (level of difficulty: easy)

5 - I Give Myself Away: (level of difficulty: easy)

6 - What A Friend I Have In Jesus: (level of difficulty: easy)

7 - Down By The Riverside: (level of difficulty: easy)

8 - Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot: (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

9 - Will Circle Be Unbroken: (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

10 - I Believe: (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Learn 10 Easy Gospel Piano & Keyboard Songs

Even if you are a complete beginner you can learn how to play 10 great gospel songs very quickly. This is a simple playing system that doesn't even require you to be able to read any music at all. Watch this video:

Popular Modern Gospel

What part does Gospel play now?

Gospel music has a huge influence on popular music with many big stars not only drawing inspiration from it but also being actively involved with the gospel movement.

Probably the biggest known pop icon is the late Elvis Presley who throughout his career performed many gospel songs to his fans and so gave gospel music a platform and credibilty.

One of Elvis's biggest hits 'I Believe' is considered a gospel classic, as well as other major songs such as 'You'll Never Walk Alone' , How Great Thou Art' and 'O Happy Day'.

Many country and western artists also find an affinity with the gospel genre and so they also regularly add gospel classics to their song repertoires.

Star such as Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash have covered songs like 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken' with a strong Christian & Gospel message

The A.S.A.Piano Song Collections
The A.S.A.Piano Song Collections

About A.S.A.Piano

Created by Samantha Griffiths, the A.S.A.Piano 'Instant Playing System' is designed to teach complete beginners to Piano or Keyboard how to play their own repertoire of songs without the need to read musical score.

The course focuses on students firstly gaining motivation to attain goals by teaching them how to play first. Theory can come later.

The course really flips the traditional teaching methods on its head, so that the first thing a beginner does is gain enjoyment by actually playing songs. In fact this is achieved in the very first lesson!

There are 3 song collections:

The Popular Classics Collection

The Beautiful Ballads Collection

The Gospel Collection

The Instant Playing System is then backed up by a Theory Course if students wish to take their learning further.

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