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How to prevent spam

Updated on December 22, 2013

How to avoid spam

In order to use the internet effectively, it's essential to have at least one email address. You need an email address in order to sign up to use some websites, as well as the obvious use of being able to communicate with friends and colleagues through email.

Ok, enough of stating the obvious (unless you are completely new to computers you'll have known all that)

The problem of junk mail strikes virtually every email account.There is some important rules to follow if you wish to avoid receiving useless junk e-mail also known as SPAM!

In theory you would never recieve any spam if you only gave your e mail address out to close friends and never ever typed it into an online form.

In practice this isn't very practicle though. As i said before you usually need your email to sign up to various things online, in that case, read the privacy policy of websites carefully, but even then, can they be trusted? not really, maybe the big well known sites can, but that's about all.

Lessons learned

When i first got my gmail account i was taking all the above advice and then over instant messenger, a friend asked me if they could send me a funny link, i said sure, expecting them to IM me the link. Unfortunately they instead put my email address into the " send this to a friend" part of a funnies website.

That was the end of my email account being spam free!

Ever since that moment, I started recieving numerous spam emails every week, growing in number. One the spammers get hold of an email address they won't let go, selling it on to other spammers in massive email lists.

So the golden rule is, when you've made your shiny new email address, be very very careful about where you submit it online, ideally nowhere, but if you must, only very reputable sites who are unlikely to sell your address to spammers.

Another popular method for spammers to get email addresses is by scanning the web and saving any email addresses they find mentioned in webpages. That's another reason to never post your email address online in blog entries/replies, your personal website, etc. If you absolutely must have a link to your email address on your website, there is javascript methods of disguising it so that spambots can't collect it.


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