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How to protect your laptop

Updated on November 30, 2013

How to protect your laptop

The mobility of our netbooks or laptops makes them very prone to theft and misplacement. If you walk across the hallways in your school, public places, airports and lost and found centers you would see people helplessly looking for their mobile pcs.

This article is going to give you tips on how to protect your laptops and suggest some products that will guarantee the safety of your device all year round.

Tips on How to Protect Your Laptop Anywhere

There isn’t much you can do about getting thieves to give up their habits, but you sure can prevent them from making you a victim if you follow these guidelines.

Label it

Put a sticker on your device. It can be a sticker of a group, sports or music band you are passionate about this makes it less likely to be lost via a mix up. As for keeping the thieves away you can put screaming stickers like “You can’t sell it!!” or “This device has a tracking device.” Thieves would look elsewhere upon reading it.

label your laptop
label your laptop

Keep a close eye on it

Wherever you are keep your laptop within sight. This in my opinion is the best security. If you are charging it or quickly want to rush to the washroom you can ask someone you know to help you keep a close eye on it.

Use a Notebook Keyed Lock

This method is most suitable for protecting your laptop in an open work area. This method is used by electronic shops. it involves attaching a "chain-like" rope to your laptop and then unto a fixed object like your office desk forming a round shape in the process.

Use encryption

This one won't guarantee your laptop won't get stolen. All it does is that it prevents thieves from accessing your valuable information. A thief rarely returns a product he can't or doesn't have the time to decrypt. Instead he destroys it in rage. So don't expect encryption to bring back your laptop to your longing arms.

Lock your laptop

Never leave your computer unlocked after using it. Set it up so that it locks when it goes into sleep mode. Generally, you should form the habit of locking your laptop whenever you are 10 meters away from it. This may seem like a hassle at first, but you ll get used to it sooner than later.

Use Tracking software

A tracking software allows you to remotely delete files and find the exact location of the thief who has your laptop.

When it comes to your laptop's security, the more protection you can get the better. So try to apply more than one of these tips.

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      diligentwheel lm 4 years ago

      @DANCING COWGIRL: You are Welcome. I'm glad you found it useful

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      Dancing Cowgirl Design 4 years ago from Texas

      Wow, glad I saw this. I didn't know about some of these locks that are available. Thanks!