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how to put photos in your eBay description

Updated on April 8, 2016

How To Put Photo's In Your eBay Description

Personally I think adding photo's to your eBay description can make your listing look a lot more professional. For a long time I didn't know how to do it and I had no idea it was so simple.The first thing you are going to need is a photo bucket account this is free to make just go to this link and sign up. Once you have done this you want to upload the photos which you wish to put into your eBay description. So now that you have uploaded your photos you want to click on the photo that you would like to include in your eBay description. Now to the right side of the photo there are 4 rectangular boxes you want to click on the one that says HTML and it should say "copied". See the photo below if you are having trouble locating the HTML option.

Inserting The HTML Code Into Your eBay Description

Now it gets even easier all you have to do now is head on back over to eBay and find the listing that you would like to add the pictures. Go to the top of your eBay description and there should be to tabs at the top. one that says standard and one that says HTML. You need to select the one that says HTML scroll to the bottom of all of the text and make a space in between the text and where you copy your HTML code. Now when you select the standard tab your photo should appear in your listing description. It's that easy!

So I hope this helps some one as you can see it is very very easy once you know how to do it and can make a huge difference to your eBay description visually. Below I have left a video which shows you step by step how to put the photos in your eBay description.


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