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Self-Repair Android Boot Loop easily without using a Computer.

Updated on December 25, 2016

Android phone often get stuck in their vendors logo and make you feel helpless. This is a well known trick you must try before you take the phone to service center.

Boot Loop the common problem that occurs in smart phone

Few days back after downloading some files my Motorola E2 started showing the dialog "unfortunately Google app has stopped". The dialog kept on popping till the phone got stuck in the Motorola's logo and won't start up nor shut down.

It would only switch off after the battery got drained completely leaving the phone hot like supernova.

Naturally my frustration reached its epitome. I decided to go for Motorola service centre but since my warranty period had expired I wanted to try fixing it by myself first.

That is when I figured out this amazing trick to repair this nuisance and successfully repaired my phone.

I'll discuss the trick below keep reading.

Reason for Android Boot Loop:

  • This condition is called Bootloop where the phone may restart several times but always gets stuck in the vendors logo.
  • It can happen if you downloaded corrupted files or apps in the phone. It can also happen during software updateing, when you are at midway while your phones battery drains out or gets interrupted by some other means.

What do you prefer to repair Android phone issues:

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The Repair

Remember doing this repair can cause you to lose all your internal memory data

So I'd suggest to move the important files to sd card before trying this process if its possible

I'll attempt to discuss the repair of the device by stepwise approach

1. can you reach to settings menu.

Yes.( see 2)

No.( see 3)

2. If you can reach the settings of the phone then you can perform a soft reset as follows: (soft reset)

Go to settings > backup and reset > factory reset of phone. Done!

3. Is your screen stuck in the phones vendor logo and wont startup properly

Yes. ( see 4 and 5)

No. (See 6)

4. Was your usb debugging enabled before the phone suffered bootloop?

if so ,then you can fix it by using computer application that allows you to connect your phone using data cable and carry out the repair by factory reset. Its more easy procedure and Software like 'rsd lite' for motorola and 'odin' for Samsung are helpful.

5. If your usb debugging was not enabled, No Worries!

there is another way to repair the problem.

You can perform a hard reset.In which you use fastboot mode of your android phone. This mode allows you to bypasss the problematic operating system and use pre installed commands to do factory reset

For this:

a) First turn off the mobile (if its possible)

b) Then Press and hold the power button and the volume down button for about 5-10 sec. It will flash the screen of fastboot mode available in android phones like Motorola, Gionee, Htc, Nexus, Micromax etc.

Fastboot screen in android phone appears like this
Fastboot screen in android phone appears like this

[ Note that not all devices have the same key combination to reach the fastboot mode as mentioned above.]

c) After reaching the fastboot menu, use volume down to scroll and volume up to select. Scroll down to reach the 'Recovery' and confirm selection by pressing volume up button.

Remember its not done yet. Till now you have reached halfway down

A android lying down with exclamation mark will appear on screen.

Android icon lying down with an exclamation mark
Android icon lying down with an exclamation mark

d) Then you need to pess and hold the volume up and power button for some time which will cause another window to flash up.

e) Scroll down to wipe data option and select it You'll reach another page there you scroll down to 'yes' and select it. Thats it all done!

This screen appears after pressing the vol. Up and power buttons together for few seconds
This screen appears after pressing the vol. Up and power buttons together for few seconds

selecting yes will lose your internal data but once the process is done it will make your phone good as new.

You may need to try these steps a few times in order to reset the phone. Even I couldn't do it in a single go.

6. If answer to step 3 is No then probably your mobile has undergone some hardware problem and you should consider taking it to service centre.

This video shows how to perform the factory reset that I have explained.

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      David 14 months ago

      Nice it worked!