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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pro Easily

Updated on May 7, 2013
Tool to root Samsung Galaxy Pro
Tool to root Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung Galaxy Pro is a low budget QWERTY Android phone. It adds the convenience of a full QWERTY keyboard with Android, which is indeed a rare combination. In this tutorial you shall learn how to root your Samsung Galaxy Pro phone.

This phone is equipped with the outdated version 2.3 of Android. Version 2.3 or Ginegerbread is the custom built operating system which lacks the appeal, functionality, look or appeal of Android 4 or 4.1, namely Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

By rooting your phone you can install custom RAM which can be used to update your phone with Android ICS. By rooting, you shall be able to access the hidden system control of your phone. You can delete any crapware, supplied by Samsung or your carrier.

There are many interesting apps which can only function after rooting the device. As for example, the Addblock apps to stop annoying push notifications can only be used on a rooted phone.

You know the potentials are endless. So, follow the steps to do it all by yourself. But do not ignore the other sections of this article before starting to root.


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  • · A PC or Laptop computer in hand.
  • · USB data cable
  • · Samsung Galaxy Pro mobile handset
  • · Internet connection


You need to take certain precautions to root it successfully.

  • · Backup all your data from the phone. Otherwise, you may lose your valuable data. Save the contacts, messages etc on PC or on the cloud. You can also backup your apps to not download those again from the market.
  • · Disable any Anti-virus program or firewall on your PC and also on your handset. This type of applications can create unnecessary problems during the rooting process.
  • · It would be better if you take the help of somebody who is quiet expert and experienced in such kind of operations. If you are a complete novice then you shall not be able to cope with any problem if it arises during the process.
  • Charge the handset to a level of more than 60%. If the phone turns of during the rooting due to power shortage, it can be bricked

About Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung Galaxy Pro is an homage to the QWERTY mobile phone era which comes to an untimely end due to the raging success of iPhone. It was for those people who love the comfort of a QWERTY full keyboard while typing for which Blackberry was famous.


This article is written for educational purposes. If you follow this article to root your Samsung Galaxy Pro, then you must do it by your own responsibility. If, by chance, any harm happens to your mobile phone then the writer or the website ca not be blamed.

How to Root

  • · Enable USB debugging on your phone by going to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development.
  • · Open your PC to download this software named SuperOneClick root.
  • · Now extract the Zip file on your PC.
  • · Use the data cable to connect the handset with the computer.
  • · Now, you shall see a window in which you shall have to select Root.
  • · The process will start and the phone will be rooted.
  • · After that install BusyBox app.
  • · Unplug the Samsung Galaxy Pro from the PC.
  • · Reboot the phone and enjoy!

I hope that you will not face any problem during the whole operation. I think you would be happy to get your Galaxy Pro rooted and will be able to use it to its full potential.


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      Pulkit 4 years ago

      will you tell me how to back up data?