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how to use autosum in microsoft excel

Updated on August 5, 2016

Microsoft excel auto-sum tutorial

So why you use it?

First, you think that at the present time work is too many but time is too short so you have to work faster than faster. we are human so we have no much power that we need. So we have to choose the short way.

Why people choose Microsoft excel for their work:

maximum people need to work experience for officially. That's why they need to know about Microsoft office work learning. And this is most useful for every person.

In the present time, we see all private limited company make their won entry or excel data entry system software. But they don't make different. Its all are same like Microsoft excel. Just little bit change. But you still have to learn Microsoft excel. If you know good about excel sheet work then you can work anywhere and any software.

Easy way in excel:

In excel 2013 has the good option and also too many shortcuts to do work. First, open the excel sheet. Then open file and type data what you have. Then select the row of the column which you want to sum. Then click auto-sum option which is the upper last of the right side of excel 2013. Then you can get the answer.

You can watch excel tutorial in below of article. This is the best way ever, you don't need to remember function or something.

you also can buy it from under the link below. then you can work with ms excel in anywhere you want.

Microsoft excel tutorial


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