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How to Format Samsung Galaxy Grand Phone Easily

Updated on April 14, 2014
Required hardware buttons for formatting Samsung Galaxy Grand
Required hardware buttons for formatting Samsung Galaxy Grand

This article will give you the instructions to hard reset or format Samsung Galaxy Grand mobile phone. It is applicable for the models I9080, I9082, Grand 2 and Grand Neo.

Android phones are becoming very popular day by day. These phones are everywhere. Samsung is the most popular Android phone maker. The finest Samsung handsets are called Samsung Galaxy S series. But the S series phones are flagships and so are very costly. The Galaxy Grand series of phones are decent with affordable prices. These phones are for the people who like the gorgeous Galaxy S4 or S5 but cannot afford them.

When should you format your android phone?

Android phones are pocket computers. The OS Android has similarities with the Windows PC operating system. Like a PC, the android phone tends to pollute its file system with garbage. Day to day operations, app installations and removals etc leaves footprints behind. Moreover, different types of badly coded apps tend to make the phone run slower. As a result the phone becomes very sluggish. Many apps often crash in your face. Formatting or hard reset is the best option to cure your phone at that time.

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Formatting Methods

Just follow the steps given below and your phone will be formatted:

a) Switch your phone off.

b) Press the Home, Volume Up and the Power button together (Home + Vol (+) + Power).

c) Now your phone will begin to start. Wait until the Samsung logo appears. After that release the buttons.

d) You will enter in the BIOS menu of the phone. Here the touchscreen will not work. The navigation should be done using the volume buttons and the power button. The volume buttons will help to navigate around the menus and buttons. The power button will work as the click or enter button.

e) So, use the volume buttons to select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option. Now, fire the power button to initiate the process of formatting.

f) Wait for some time until the phone is being fully formatted.

g) After that, select the “Reboot” option.

h) Your phone will be restarted and that’s it. You have done it succefully!

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the most powerful phone of the grand family. It is equipped with a brilliant 5.25 inches display, which is slightly larger than the previous models. The display resolution is 720x1280 with a ppi of 280. The phone is powered by a quad core Cortex A7 cpu with 1.2 GHz clock speed. There is 1.5GB of RAM. There is a 8MP primary camera with LED flash and a 1.9MP secondary camera. The phone has 8GB of internal memory. The battery capacity of it is 2600 mAh.

A Galaxy Grand phone with a modified OS
A Galaxy Grand phone with a modified OS | Source

Easiest Method

This method uses built-in reset menu of the phone. This method is not as good as the hardware button method, because it will basically do a soft reset.

1) Turn your phone on.

2) Go to the Settings menu.

3) Inside settings, find out the “Backup and Restore” sub menu.

4) Then select “Factory Data Reset”.

5) After that, select “Reset Device” and then “Delete All”.

6) Wait for some time and your phone will be reset to the factory defaults.

Secret Code Method

There is another method of formatting Samsung Galaxy Grand mobile phone. It can be done by using a secret code. To do it you need to open the dialar of the phone. Now punch the following numbers *2767*3855#. After that the formatting process will start instantly.


1) Be careful before hard reset your phone. It will wipe all your data. You need to take backup before doing the formatting. Do not forget to save contacts and messages too.

2) Keep your phone charged above 60% before the formatting. Avoid switch off due to the lack of battery juice during the formatting process. It may brick your phone.

Different Models of Samsung Galaxy Grand

My methods are applicable for all the models of Samsung Galaxy Grand. There are many models in the Galaxy Grand series of phones. The original Galaxy Grand model is GT I9080 which was released on the last month of 2012. It was a single SIM phone. The double SIM version I9082 came into the market in the first month of 2013. The popularity of these handsets led to the arrival of the Galaxy Grand 2 in November, 2013. The latest member of the family is Grand Neo, which came into existence from the month of January in 2014.


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