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How to Root HTC Wildfire S – Androidfan

Updated on October 30, 2014
HTC Wildfire S rooted
HTC Wildfire S rooted

HTC Wildfire S has its own fan base. The device is not that powerful in today’s standard but during its time it was a formidable handset for low price range Androids. In this hub you shall learn how to root your old HTC Wildfire S.

Everybody do not have the courage to root a smartphone but believe me it is not that scary as you think. If you follow the steps adequately, failure should not happen.

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Benefits of Rooting Wildfire S

There are multiple benefits of rooting this Android handset. The first and formost reason might be your desire to upgrade the operating system. Yes, it is entirely possible to update this HTC device to Android Ice Cream Sandwich or even to Jelly Bean! There are good custom ROMs available for doing so for free. You only need to root the phone. There are many custom ROM which can make your old device fresh by adding new features and making it faster and snappier.

HTC Wildfire S root
HTC Wildfire S root

The Precautions you should take

You need to be cautious before performing this operation. It involves risks, no, not the risk of going to jail or such. You may brick your device. So, follow these precautions to be on the safe side

1) If you are complete novice, it would be better for you to seek help from a fellow more experienced in such Android related operations. If anything goes wrong, he would save your day.

2) Keep your phone’s battery level at a minimum of 60%. The point here is to not to allow the phone to die during the root process. It could brick your phone.

3) Turn off antivirus programs and firewalls on your phone. These may prevent the process.

4) Do not try this method on any other phone other than the Samsung Wildfire S.

5) Backup all of your important data, documents, contacts, media files etc.


By reading up to this part of this hub you should understand that this process may brick your device, if something goes wrong. So, you must understand the risk and proceed by your own accord.

This website or the author will not be responsible for any damage

Instructions: Step I

1) You need to unlock the bootloader of your HTC Wildfire S. For doing it got to here.

You need to enable USB debugging on your phone. If you do not know how to do it then go to : Settings > Applications > Development and the check the box beside “Enable USB Debugging” to turn it on

Step II

1) Power your PC on.

2) Connect it to the internet connection.

3) Download the file from here.

4) Now download this script from here.

5) Bring the USB cable in action to jack your handset with the PC.

6) Now transfer the downloaded PG76IMG zip file to the phone’s SD card.

7) After that disconnect the device from the PC.

8) Disable FastBoot (Go to the Power option of the Settings menu to do so).

9) Switch the phone off.

Step III

1) Reboot the phone into the HBoot mode by pressing the VOL UP +DOWN + POWER keys combinations.

2) It will prompt “Apply Update”.

3) You cannot be able to use the touch screen here and so you need have to use Vol UP key to click. So, click on the prompt to start the update.

4) Now reboot the phone using the power button.

Delete the zip from the SD card

Step IV

1) PC to the SD card.

2) Disconnect it form the PC.

3) Reboot into CWM mode by pressing the Volume Down key and the Power key together.

4) Use the volume keys to navigate the HBoot menus.

5) Enter the recovery mode inside HBoot.

6) Now select “Install Zip from SD card”.

7) Select the root script zip file.

8) Now select confirm to start the download process. Wait for some time for the process to be completed.

9) After the complete root process, the phone will be rebooted.

Forget Me Not

So, by following the above-mentioned procedure, you will be able to root your HTC Wildfire S without any complication. However, nothing can be said as certain about Android phones. There are differences in the firmware of the phone across countries and vendors. So, in some cases problems can occur. If it so, then don't be shy to ask as directly. I wish all the best for you.


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    • profile image

      Jonni 3 years ago

      I've just got an update ncitftoaiion here in Yorkshire, UK.Reason I'm here is to verify its' authenticity, clearly it is genuine. A small concern is that there isn't enough internal storage space available and I'm reluctant to wipe off my office reader to make room for it. Just finished download Wow, Pull Ring to Unlock' Time to play .

    • profile image

      ranjan 3 years ago

      I have rooted my wildfire s and after rebooting the phone it say`s cid incorrect. What do i do now??

    • profile image

      harry 4 years ago


      I have rooted my wildfire s and after rebooting the phone it say`s cid incorrect. What do i do now???

    • profile image

      dougal 4 years ago

      I got "CID incorrect, update fail" as well, wouldnt let me reboot the phone in HBOOT mode (only fast start even though i diasbled fastboot).

    • profile image

      rohan 4 years ago

      cid.... missing coming,update fail

    • profile image

      Salman Zaidi 4 years ago

      Worked Flawlessly!

      You just need to follow the stated instructions carefully.

    • profile image

      markolazic 4 years ago

      The same for me, it says "CID incorrect".

    • profile image

      Theodore Cactusfacade 4 years ago

      HBoot says "Model ID Incorrect, Update FAIL!

      What does this mean, and how can I fix it?

    • profile image

      Rahul Ray 4 years ago

      I can not rooted my htc wildfire s on this process.any body can tell me how i root my wildfire s?

    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 4 years ago from India

      Neither would I :) @dancebert. Oh, let us imagine how it would be to have a "Samsung wildfire S" :)

    • profile image

      dancebert 4 years ago

      "Samsung Wildfire S"? Really? I can't imagine rooting a phone from instructions written by someone who doesn't know who built the phone.