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Taking a Screenshot on Motorola Moto G ?

Updated on May 31, 2015
There are multiple ways to get a screenshot on Moto G  Android mobile phone.
There are multiple ways to get a screenshot on Moto G Android mobile phone.

Taking a Screenshot is not a very tough job to do. You can do it without much trouble on your Motorola made Moto G mobile phone.

Motorola Moto G is great phone because it is a pocket friendly but powerful device. You can do many things with this phone and taking a photo of the phone’s screen is one of these.

Follow the steps to take a fine Screenshot:

1) Select the screen to be saved as an image.

2) Press the Power and the Volume down key together.

3) Keep them pressed for 3 to 4 seconds.

4) Release those buttons after hearing the camera shutter click sound.

5) Your screenshot will be saved on a folder. You can find it by browsing the gallery.


You may face some problems while taking the screenshots. So, you need to be careful while pressing the keys mentioned above. If your timing is not accurate, you will not be successful. It needs some practice to do it correctly. If you press any key a bit earlier, it will not work. If you press the volume down key too early you will see the volume adjust screen and the volume will be down. If you press the power key earlier then you can see the power option.

What is a Screenshot?

A photo of an active mobile screen is called a screenshot. Sometimes, we need to take a photo of what is happening on the phone. Another name of screenshot is screen capture or screengrab. One can take a screenshot to share it with his / her friends. Taking a screenshot was a dream of many Android users for long times. It was not possible without root in earlier versions of androids.

Easy Screenshot is an app which does what its  name implied.
Easy Screenshot is an app which does what its name implied.

Taking a Screenshot of Motorola Moto G Using an App

Screenshot app made by “lovekera “ is a good app for screen capturing for Moto G. To use this app follow the steps:

1) Go to Google Play Store and download this app. You can find it from here.

2) The app size is 2.8 MB and so it will not take much time if you use Wi-Fi or 3G. But if you use 2G then it may take 4 to 5 minutes to install.

3) After the app being installed, you need to launch it.

4) You need to specify a location for grabbed images to be saved.

5) Open the “Settings” menu by clicking the settings icon. After that you will get the option of changing the directory. The default directory will be: /mnt/sdcard/easyscreenshots/

6) To capture a screen you need to click in the “Start Capture” button. That button will activate the app.

7) Now it is time to go to the targeted screen. You will see a floating camera icon button overlay. You need to click on that camera button to save a photo of the screen.

8) You can also use the traditional “Power” and “Volume Down” method.

9) After that you will get an option of saving the photo or discard it. Save it if you want so.

There are many more good apps to take a screenshot on Moto G. You can experiment with some such apps. If you face any problem then you need to tell us by commenting below.


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