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How To Twitter & Make Money

Updated on March 9, 2011

Twitter Business

Social networking has become the master of socialising, meeting new people, forming relationships and online marketing. One of the major social networking sites is Twitter, which is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that is perfect for creating an online Twitter business and making money.

Simplicity has played an important role in Twitter's success. People are eager to connect with other people and Twitter makes that simple and easy to do. You can quickly create and build a list with the Twitter Follow feature, and market your business or service to thousands of targeted tweeters..

In today’s technological world most people shop online for convenience rather than customer service. And while inroads have been made into providing better customer service online, the personal aspect is often still missing. It’s the ability to have conversations with customers that makes Twitter extremely valuable to any e-commerce site.

One of the best things about twitter is that it gives you a readymade platform in which your online business can directly communicate to its customers, listen to their feedback & demands. Brick-and-mortar retailers have the benefit of the physical presence of their customers when they are making purchases. But, e-commerce merchants may be unaware of customer problems or questions unless they are contacted directly or worse, if the customer publishes a complaint online. With Twitter, an e-commerce business can monitor what people are saying about its brand and products and respond with assistance.

The best way to get started on Twitter is to learn as much about it as possible. Sign up for an account, listen to what people are saying and find interesting people and companies to follow.

Once you’ve decided to use Twitter to promote your online business it's important to fill out your company profile and upload an image that your customers will recognize. Encourage your customers to follow you on Twitter by adding a link to your website, your emails, business cards and any other place with company contact information.

This is important to do because one of the biggest mistakes that a new twitter marketer makes is immediately adding contacts to their following list, without having issued any tweets, updated their profile or uploaded a photo of themselves.


One important consideration you need to take into account is the use of your username. Since your username becomes part of your twitter profile’s URL, you should make sure that you use a username that is relevant to your market, niche or represents your business.

By way of example my twitter username is the ‘moneymarketer’. What does that say to you? I’m a tweeter who is interested in marketing and making money. Do you see my point?

Another consideration is that when you are choosing your username try and include a keyword or keywords that represent your niche. Too many tweeters do not use keywords in their user name and miss out on targeted traffic. But if you cannot incorporate featured keywords in your username, try and use it/them in your profile/bio so that you are more likely to be included in search results each time someone enters a relevant keyword associated with your market.

When you are satisfied with your account setup, it’s time to write your first tweet! This can make people a little anxious, especially since once you post a tweet, everyone who visits your profile or chooses to follow you will be able to see it. But it is not anything to be worried about, and I give some advice in Tweet4Twitter Cash on how to write an effective tweet.

Twitter Followers

One of the key components to making money with your Twitter account is building an opt-in list from your Twitter followers. You need to get people off Twitter and on to your email list as quickly as possible, because many Tweeters either leave Twitter or unsubscribe from following you.

So, get them on your email list before they go, or you’ll lose them forever!

How to Build Your Follower List On Twitter

Building a list of followers is quite straight forward. All you have to do is attract other tweeters’ attention, and provided you already have a few followers start following some tweeters. In no time your list of followers will grow as those you follow invariably follow you back.

Find Targeted Twitter Followers In Almost Any Niche

This is one of the greatest benefits to using Twitter.

If I’m in the online marketing niche I would look for top experts and gurus in the same market and simply approach their followers with tweets or simply click follow! You can also do this with your competitors, and you never know you may find a joint venture partner through this method.

Say for example you want to go after golfers. Type in the keyword golf into the twitter search or go to the Twitter page of any famous golfer and use the above strategy to build a group of twitter followers who are interested in golf.

Another benefit of Twitter is that everybody’s list of followers is wide open for everyone to see so you can follow any list in virtually any niche.

Tweet At the Right Time

To build a list fast and drive tweeters to your online business you have to tweet certain things, and during certain times. Believe it or not timing is important, and choosing times when tweeters are expected to be online and searching for what you have to offer is key to making sales.

The way and what you tweet is also of significance. If you are tweeting a couple of tweets at a time they will get lost amongst all the other tweets. The best way is to tweet in blocks that flow and give a synopsis of what you are offering.

Tweeting All The Way To The Bank

Through Twitter you will be compiling and building your list from your followers. It is this list that you will later send offers and resources to and make a profit at the same time. You can also send tweeters and followers to your website or affiliate programs by including their urls in your tweets

And finally, if you really want to maximize the potential with Twitter, you should make sure to take advantage of any plug-ins or sites that support Twitter.

To You Success

DeAnna Dubóis


To discover how to use Twitter more effectively in your online business and make money take a look at Tweet 4 Twitter Cash, it will

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  • How to build an opt-in list from Twitter Followers
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