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How to maintain your CPU

Updated on July 17, 2011

Maintain your CPU

Computer Hardware Maintenance
Computer Hardware Maintenance | Source

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How to maintain your CPU

Every day you rely on your PC or laptop to perform tasks, access resources and connect with people. An unmentioned CPU can make your PC slower. Which become very disturbing and frustrating. So it’s very important to take care of your PC/CPU. This HUB will show you basic steps about maintaining your computer. My computer makes me suffer a lot. It was so slow and it crushes a lot. So I decided to fight back and make my PC/CPU faster. I got a lot of information about CPU maintenance. So let me mention some of them below:

  • Avoid turn your computer off with the power switch and purchase a UPS. Always try to switch off your PC manually.
  • You have to turn off your PC and then unplug everything and then starting cleaning.
  • Control heat. Heat is moved out of the computer's case by several fans. So its important to check your fan is working properly or not.
  • Don’t overcook your PC. Cause it may create extra temperature which may melt or damage any part of hardware.
  • You can open one part of CPU. By this you can allow more Air Flow into your CPU.
  • Remove dust from your CPU. It’s a part of the maintenance job. Open it about twice a year and make it clean. You can use vacuum or cloth or spray. . Spray the intakes to the Power supply fan and CPU fan.
  • Use cotton swabs, tweezers, rubbing alcohol or damp cloth to clean CPU.
  • Open the door if your CPU is hidden into any closed desk or box. It makes your CPU cool and it will help to maintain Heat of CPU.
  • You can move your CPU place. From a hot and dirty area to a cleaner part of the same room or other room. But before that unplug everything and be careful.
  • Do you know what slows a fan down? Just clean dust and see what happen.
  • You can just upgrade your CPU fan and make your computer more effective. You can buy a large CPU fans that help keep CPU temperature lower than a factory installed fan ever could.
  • Install component specific fans to reduce heat from graphic card , memory or some other component.
  • And you can also add some more additional case fan which ultimately helps you in marinating your CPU.
  • If your CPU case don't allow you to add additional fan then replace power supply. Because it's the only way to remove hot air from your CPU. So take a bigger fan.
  • Be careful during plugging and unplugging something like USB or RAM or other internal or external devices. Because your CPU internal and external port can get damaged from careless placement.

Your computer is just like your car. it gets dirty, it gets technical problem and slow down. Sometimes just like your car your CPU just doesn't start up. But by taking proper maintenance you can increase its performance, Dear hubbers, if I miss any point you can put it through comment then I will update those. Thanks for reading


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    • profile image

      Chizzy Collet 

      5 months ago


      it contribute a lot to my knowledge

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Thanks a lot!

      I just want to ask if it's better to use a Sealed Water Cooler instead of using a fan. They say its cooling power is better than a fan and it takes less space on your CPU chassis. Even though its cost is much higher than a fan, I'd like to invest on this if my CPU will give me a good performance.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      very helpful

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image


      7 years ago

      This will certainly help me with my cp. Thank you for giving great details and instruction on how I can insure my cp to last longer. I voted up! useful, interesting. thanks again1 :)

    • simon cowham profile image

      simon cowham 

      7 years ago from Wellington

      very usefull, thanks. Iv voted you up!

    • alexisdream profile image


      7 years ago

      hmm great ... isn't shumon babaji?


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