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Hp Laptops: which one is best suited for me

Updated on June 6, 2013

Why Hp ?

Hp offers a wide range of laptop options for users. Regardless of what you need your pc there is always a product out there to meet your need. As a leader in the laptop market their laptops are well built, comfortable to use and durable.

HP Pavilion m6

Although this laptop isn't as good as the HP Envy laptops, the price is very reasonable given that some HP's higher end systems are found here. If you want a premium laptop that costs less then this laptop is for you.

I recommend this laptop for students (for the sake of price) and every other user that want a cheap quality laptop. I advise against buying this laptop model if you are going to be doing a lot of gaming or typing. The resolution and keyboard isn't as great as other models.

HP Envy x2: Half-tablet, half-laptop

Like most detachable screen laptops, HP Envy x2 's styling is fascinating. It allows you to convert your laptop to a tablet. Despite the fact that it is easy to unlock the tablet, putting it back to from the laptop can be frustrating at times making the detachment mechanism awkward. This laptop is slower than ultra-books even though both sell a the same price.

The battery lasts longer and it's a stylish laptop.

HP Elitebook Folio 9470m

A 14 inch laptop with an impressive battery life. it is also lightweight design, solid, and lots of ports and security features. Has windows 8. it is similar to Macbook air except that it is more expensive.

I would recommend this laptop mainly for business purposes as the keyboard is crisp with LED lit buttons and it is built with such elegance. However, it is expensive.

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