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A Beginner Guide to Hubs

Updated on January 1, 2016

#1 Hubs Introduction

Hubpages is one of the best writing sites in web which helps you in improving your writing skills as well as generate revenue for any creative and quality articles.

When I started this hub, there were two websites hubpages and squidoo. I started this hub for Squidoo users. But now after the merger of Hubpages and Squidoo, this hub will become a guide for all the hubpages beginners.

Let's start with how you can start on writing an amazing hub. When writing a hub you have various capsules, giving you information to add useful contents. The next capsule is a video capsule where you can add Youtube or Vimeo Videos. I have added an expert video from youtube on how to create an amazing hub.

#2 Video Capsule on Creating an Amazing Hub

#3 Poll Capsule on creating awesome polls

Why do you use Hubpages for Writing

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#4 How to use HubPages effectively

Earning Money Online is a cakewalk if we know how to write effective articles and attract attention of readers. Some tips on creating amazing hubs through this hub

Writing Tips from Amazon

Writing Hubs need lot of skills in writing. Writing quality hubs brings you huge potential to earn money. There are lot of ways to bring traffic for your hubs just as you generate traffic for your lenses.

Given below are some of the best books that help you to write professional hubs

#5 Product Capsules Amazon Capsule for links to books and products from Amazon

How to earn from Hubpages
How to earn from Hubpages

#7 Text Capsule for writing Quality Content

What to write in Hubs

Hubs are one of the best ways to share your expertise in various topics. You can start writing hubs on any topic. Either it can be a topic on writing awesome travel trip or a topic in preparing a favorite dish you would love to prepare.

You have different capsules which can help you in giving complete information related to a hub. For example, you have different capsules for preparing a dish such as Ingredient Capsule, Cook time Capsule for giving information on how much time to cook, What is the Nutrition provided through Nutrition Capsule and so on

Earn money from hubpages
Earn money from hubpages

#8 How to Earn Money Online from HubPages

Hubpages earnings explained

Hubpages shares the revenue share with writers who provide awesome content. Once you write quality articles and they start attracting reader attention, you can get huge revenue for your hubs through advertisement revenues.

In Hubpages, articles are called hubs. For all the hubs you write, you generate hub score. You can earn Adsense revenue, Amazon revenue from Hubpages. If you are a beginner, you should focus on writing quality hubs so that you can have good credibility for your hubs.

Once you receive a threshold, Hubpages pays you via Paypal.

Earn from hubpages
Earn from hubpages

Hub Pages Modules

How to use Hub pages modules

Hubpages is similar to squidoo. If you know how to use lenses in squidoo, it is easy to create hubs as there are only few modules that are supported in hubpages.

Text module is similar and you can also link to other hubs from others. The more links you share in your hubs, the more karma score you generate for your hubs. It is one way to increase revenue for your hubs.

Hubpages Earning Tips

Tips to generate revenue from hubs

Hubs are generally hopped by readers who look for a particular topic. If you have quality content that has good reader attraction, then you would likely have good revenue for your hubs.

  • Being a hubber, you should also write content which would make other writers share your hubs in their useful links section. Hubs which are similar get more attraction when some one searches for those content.
  • Try to write articles that cover specific topic and have depth in hub. This increases repeat audience for your hub. Make your hub interesting and informative.
  • Quality hubs thrive and get into the section of Hubpages quality hubs. So credibility for your hubs is very important
  • Write topics which people are interested in.

#11 Rating Capsule to get ratings from audience

Cast your vote for Hub Content

© 2016 Sriram Raj

#10 Comments Capsule for sharing comments on hub

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    • DeLloyd profile image

      DeLloyd 6 years ago

      Thanks for your info I had never heard of Hub pages, and I see know that I need to look into it more, I'm new to squidoo and i'm trying to learn about more traffic. I've been using facebook and a few other methods, but Im gonna look into hubs.