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Humax HDR-FOX T2 Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder

Updated on May 13, 2014

High Definition Television for free: Humax HDR-FOX T2 500GB Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder

Freeview HD has finally arrived in much of the UK: Free High Definition Television available through a standard TV aerial. Low cost Freeview HD boxes are available, but if you want to record or time-shift TV you need to have a Freeview PVR or "Freeview HD" as it is known. The first few Freeview HD receivers/recorders were notoriously unreliable with software issues and frequent crashes, although some of these glitches and bugs will have been fixed with software updates by now. The offerings from Humax, however, do not appear to suffer from these teething problems. Here is a review of this excellent device.

Humax HDR-FOX T2 500GB Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder

Humax Products

Humax HDR FOX T2 is not currently available from the US Amazon web-site, but can be found on the UK web-site.

Here are some other Humax Products available in the US

Humax Freeview+ HD PVRs

Humax HDR T2 Freeview HD
Humax HDR T2 Freeview HD

The Humax HDR Fox T2 Freeview+ HD digital-tv-recorder is very well made with a shiny black finish that would fit in well with most televisions or home cinema equipment, but most importantly this product is reliable and easy to use, unlike many of the early Freeview+ HD PVRs. There a minimal controls on the box itself, although if you do lose the remote control you will still be able to turn it on and change channels.

Humax Freeview+ HD PVR: Ease of Use and Quality

This Humax Freeview+ HD PVR will set itself up automatically as soon as you turn it on and plug in all of the appropriate cables, with just a few options to select (or just choose the default)

Most of the functionality of this device are accessed via the program guide (EPG) which is accessed via the "guide" button the remote control. This allows you to see what is on TV now and for the next seven days, select programmes you would like to watch now, add a reminder to or record. If you record a programme it will also give you the option of recording the whole series. It is very easy to understand and operate.

To access recording or other media uploaded to the hard-disk use the "media" button.

The picture quality is excellent when displaying one of the HD channels, although not quite as good as from a Blue Ray disc, which is 1080p (1080 lines progressively scanned) format as opposed to the 1080i (1080 lines interlaced) output from the Humax HDMI output. It is the same resolution, but half the bandwidth. In fact most Freeview broadcasts will be in 573i (when changing channels the format is displayed briefly) but even this looks better than with most standard Freeview boxes, although this may be because the upscaling to 1080p is done in the Humax box rather than in the TV.

The sound-quality is also excellent when played through a Home Theater system via the digital optical output, HDMI although standard stereo audio outputs are also provided.

Humax HDR T2 Freeview HD Remote Control

Humax HDR T2 Freeview HD Remote Control
Humax HDR T2 Freeview HD Remote Control

The Humax HDR T2 Freeview HD remote control is long and very slim with a shiny finish and easy, obvious functionality, like any TV remote control, but with video recorder style buttons, pause and rewind live TV or recordings. The "media" button is used to open the directory of recordings on the hard disk, which can be selected using the arrow keys and played, deleted etc.

The coloured buttons control the various Freeview functions displayed on the Tv screen, depending on the mode you are currently in or the channel being watched.

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