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Color Slides to jpeg, scanner review

Updated on December 15, 2011

Works for me!

I'm now using a 20 inch i-Mac, and absolutely love it. I have scanned the veritable history of my family in Kodachrome slides using an Epson Perfection V300 Photo scanner (via a USB lead.) Many members of my family are really pleased with their jpegs of long forgotten dusty photos, and arguably they make the best and most personal presents you could wish for.

Update: have now been using the Epson scanner for a year. No problems at all, totally reliable.

In my humble and non-techie opinion the i-Photo 2009 programme is brilliant, and makes the Mac the best thing since sliced bread (though maybe not toast.) When you add a virtual recording studio on the cheap (Garageband) and i-Movie it looks even better value. But the crowning glory of the i-Mac, and the deciding factor back on the shop floor, is the colours on the graphics card, which are lush and detailed.

The slideshow feature is particularly good and adds customised soundtracks to your pictures, which are full-screen.

Original color slide

Enhanced color slide (Stonehenge)

Stonehenge Pictures

Compare the two pictures: first one is the original, second has been edited with i-Photo - nothing fancy, just the enhance button. It's not a dramatic change, but it's better, and instant. You can also crop pictures, change the contrast,etc.

Epson V300 scanner - just as the reviews say, the slide template is a royal pain to use. You can scan 4 slides at a time, but they keep falling out due to poor design. Of course, if you enjoy juggling and like a challenge, it can provide hours of entertainment!

That said, the quality is acceptable, it's very fast, (2mins?) and for the money I think it's very good value - try web shopping, I found one for about £80 (UK).

The Epson is great for documents up to A4 size, and it's really very,very easy to use.

I just use the fast auto setting and it works OK for me. Documents scan very well, and fast. The USB cable is included, you don't need another one.

Disclaimer (Techie)

I'm posting this review as it may be helpful to those seeking a way to update and archive old color slides. I'm not going to use any techie language, statistics etc - partly because I can't, partly because if I ever hear that PC versus Mac debate again I will lose the will to live!

i-Photo Slideshows

It really is a breeze to create a slideshow, in fact the i-mac does one whether you ask it to or not!

Old slides from the 1960s are displayed full-screen with a soundtrack - just brilliant. If I ever get that clever, I'll import the slides into i-Movie and make a film of family history.

Final thoughts

The whole process of transferring and enhancing color slides has been unusually smooth, and with a total lack of frustration. Now they are all jpegs I can take a memory stick to Boots and print off copies any time in their photo booth. Less hassle than maintaining a colour copier and all those cartridges I reckon.

I ordered my Epson scanner online from - they are about half the price in the USA so even more of an outstanding bargain.


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    • Jon Green profile imageAUTHOR

      Jon Green 

      9 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK

      I've been e-mailing jpegs to my far-flung Irish relations, with pictures from 40 years ago they have never seen.

      Still very pleased with both the Epson scanner and the i-mac.


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