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iHangy Slip in 5 Case For iPhone 5S with Adjustable Lanyard Necklace and Stylus Review

Updated on January 18, 2016

About iHangy

iHangy specializes in iPhone protection with a twist. Unlike most retailers, iPhone accessories are not kept separate from their case protection kit. Their in-house designs are self-manufactured and sold through their online retail site. Aiming for maximum protection, iHangy designs are focused on dual protection while maintaining the minimalist feel. The iPhone 5S Slip in 5 Case For iPhone 5S costs $29.99, but today we will be reviewing more than just the price to see if this is truly a good buy.

The Packaging

I apologize for the glare seen in the front of the packaging. The construction is glossy paper, with a plastic window revealing the inside. Turning the case around, there is a brief description of the case. It states the dual protection I mentioned earlier. The UV coated hard outer plastic protects the exterior from scratches. The interior cushioning silicone shell is designed to absorb shock and stress when dropped. Over on the back of the packaging, you can see a flap. This flap is magnetic, which can be opened up to access the contents inside.

There is a three step guide on the bottom with instructions on how to get your iPhone into the case and attaching the case to the neck strap. We will be going over this, especially the neck strap attachment as you need to make sure you have a perfect fit or else your phone may swing loose.

Inside The Box

There is a plastic mold pull-out as you can see from the image above. On the left side, you get the actual phone case. I mentioned earlier that this is a dual protection case. There is a hard outer shell and a silicone inner shell. This can be seen from the image above. The black part of the phone case is the hard outer shell while the light blue color is the softer inner shell. This already comes pre-assembled, but it is really not much effort to take out. I will get to the assembly in just a moment. Currently, there are only two color options available for the hard outer shell. I have it in black, but the white version is also available.

The second part to this package is the necklace with an integrated stylus. the necklace is made out of silicone too. We will get to the feel of it and how well it attaches to the case in just a bit. For now, this is what you should be looking for in case you do purchase an iHangy iPhone case.

The Case: Front

This is the front view of the case. I actually took this picture without any flash, yet there is still a shine to it. iHangy actually changed up the materials used with the iPhone 5 cases. My review of the iPhone 4 cases revealed a rubberized exterior. The outer shell of the iPhone 4 case was also premium plastic, but it had a thin rubberized coating. This made it skid free so it would stay intact on any slanted surface. However, it was prone to scratching so that is probably why we do not see it on the iPhone 5 cases. Instead, it is a completely smooth, glossy plastic outer shell. I have keyed the back like I did in my previous review.

The Case: Back

Notice how the back of the case is spotless even after I tried to key it. The iPhone 5 case is really this scratch proof! Of course, this is only to a moderate extent. We are talking about commonly found sharp objects in your pocket like keys or coins. I doubt this case will tolerate anything more. For the most part, you don't have to worry about having a scratched up look as it moves around in your pocket.

Other Things To Notice

The camera hole is understandable, but there is another opening on the back of the case. This square area reveals the Apple logo once your iPhone is situated in the Case. This is something to note when it comes to your phone's protection.

This area is prone to scratches. Smaller coins and keys can still come in contact with the phone, more specifically scratch up the Apple logo. You may want to think twice about keeping small change or keys in the same pocket. While the case may not be scratched up, your phone may very well be.

The second issue with another opening is the gather of dust and flakes coming off fabrics. The inner silicone shell seals off the sides quite nicely, but this opening does allow some to still get through. There is only one preventative approach to this. Try not to take your device out of the inner silicone shell too often. This will more or less stretch out the material over time. Also, the alignment of the inner silicon shell depends on the outer hard shell, which we will get to in just a bit.

Overall Appearance

The current color options are limiting, but I find that the blue and black goes well together. The alternative is blue and white, but I can't really comment on what I don't have. As seen in the image, the iHangy logo is situated on the top right indented in the outer shell. Like all phone cases, the sides and the surroundings of the case are raised or grooved. This means that if you were to put your iPhone face down, the screen would not come in contact with the surface that it is on. This way, there is no way for the screen to be scratched. Of course, a screen protector would also work.

Adding a screen protector may be a tighter fit depending on the screen protector. Sir Lancelot's Armor screen protectors are 0.4 mm and Spigen screen protectors are slightly thicker at 0.5 mm. These are considered some of the thicker screen protectors and will contribute to a tighter fit as compared to some of the thinner ones at around 0.1 mm. I do not recommend the thicker screen protectors because they will cause the inner silicone shell to bulge. While this will still allow a tight fit in the hard outer shell, it doesn't look and feel as nice with the bulging sides.

Instructions Included

For those that really insist on it, instructions are included. The instructions pretty much go through the step by step process of removing the case, inserting your iPhone, and then reassembling the case back together again.

The instructions are quite sneakily situated. It is actually behind the look-a-like iPhone box situated inside the case. Once you remove that, open it up, and the instructions are on the inside.

Of course, by the time you get to the instructions, you will know how to take apart the case already. The inner silicone shell slides out from the side. To put your phone in, all you need to do is plop it in. This will stretch the silicone shell out a bit, but it will generally hold in place if you don't take it out and put it in too often.

Taking A Look At The Inner Shell

The front of the silicone inner shell looks much like the hard outer shell. The speaker hole is visible and the home button situates where it is supposed to be. However, I noticed that there seems to be no aligning mechanism for the home button. Once we turn the inner shell over, we can see grooves around the camera hole and the area exposing the Apple logo holding the inner shell intact to the outer shell. This doesn't appear to be the case with the home button so it is actually possible for the inner shell to be off centered affecting its reach.

These are the grooves that I am talking about. They are quite noticeable around the camera hole and the Apple logo exposure. The idea is to have these grooves line up with the openings of the hard outer shell so the inner shell will stay in place. This is done only after sliding the inner shell into the outer shell from the side. It is definitely a good idea to confirm that the grooves line up or else you will risk having the inner shell slip out.

If we were to compare this to the previous iPhone 4 generation cases, I feel as if the grooves are dug deeper. This can only be beneficial as it provides a better hold, reducing the chances of the inner shell slipping out. What I have yet to figure out is the additional rectangular indent around the camera hole. This isn't there on the previous generation yet I see this now. My concern for this isn't too great as it doesn't seem to affect the functions of the grooves. The grooves around the camera hole still does their job so I will ignore this design setup for now.

The Outer Shell

The outer shell's design features two openings on the side for the inner silicone shell. The outer harder shell mainly protects the front and the back. It also acts as a place holder for the inner silicone shell.

There's a bit of extra plastic on the inside of the hard shell, which I take to be a manufacturing fault. This area also is not buffed unlike the smooth surface like the rest of the hard shell. However, this does not affect the actual fitting of the inner shell. I am currently notifying the seller and have them do a check-up on the manufacturing to make sure that this is a one time blurb.

There are two little details to note on the hard shell. The home button can be a bit hard to reach especially with the thickness of the hard outer shell. Rather than being able to press the home button with the full thumb. It requires quite a bit of reach for the home button. This can be a bit challenging when trying to use the fingerprint scanner. It does take a few tries to get it working. I think it would probably be better to just skip the fingerprint scanner all together. The second issue worth noting is the power button. The case comes with a power button cover. The outer hard shell is slightly on the thicker side and so the power button cover provides this reach. Although the cover makes the power button harder to press, it is very important you do not remove it. Unlike the previous generation iPhone hard shell, this one is slightly thicker. Taking the power button cover off will prevent the power button from being pressed. Unlike I advised with the previous hard case, I would not advise snapping the power button cover off with this case.

The Neckstrap

Let's move onto the neck strap. The neck strap is actually made out of silicone as well. It is considerably softer and more stretchable and so I would say it is made out of silicone rather than some other harder type of rubber. The end is tied up into a knot to prevent the length adjuster from coming off completely. The little widget that hangs from the neck strap serves two purposes. The first is to navigate your iPhone's touchscreen with the stylus. The second is to attach to the case so it can hang in place. There isn't much to review with the stylus. Like all of these stylus accessories, they half work. Sometimes the touchscreen will detect it, while other times it will not detect it at all. It's probably best to just stick with your finger or thumb actually. The stylus really isn't worth the trouble. It is also on the fatter, flatter end so it lacks the desired precision.

Attaching The Neck Strap

This is actually the first view of the bottom. As you can see, the inner silicone shell is in place and aligned with the outer hard shell. They fit perfectly together leaving the bottom open. There are three sets of openings. The ones on either leaning left and right are for the speakers. Unlike other cases, they are left open so as to not block or muffle the sound coming from the speakers. The center open is for two purposes. The first is for the charger port. Your iPhone's charger prot is protected by the neck strap clip. This brings us to the second purpose of the center opening. The center opening provides the foundation for the neck strap clip. The image shows the process of attaching the neck strap. Simply press the stylus and its opposite end in. This will cause the teeth to contract inwards allowing the clip to fit through the center opening.

The Final Result

Finally, here is the complete product. Yes, the iPhone does eventually hang upside down around your neck. I don't see much of a problem with this design. In fact, it is actually more convenient. When you are picking your phone, chances are you will be flipping it forward. This design actually allows for that flip forward. It it would be more awkward if the neck strap attachment was at the top of the case instead of the bottom.


Dual Scratch and Drop Protection
Home Button Hard To Reach
Neck Strap to Reduce Bulk
Stylus May Not Always Work
Smooth Scratch-Proof Coating
Power and Volume Buttons Protected

In Conclusion

The iHangy Slip in 5 Case For iPhone 5S provides a lightweight, yet affordable solution for those seeking all around protection. It does more than just protect the back of your phone against scratches. It offers moderate bump and drop protection as well with a thin silicone shell to absorb the shock. It looks much nicer than its previous generation with the new buffered shine. Let's not forget to mention that it is extremely lightweight and does not add much bulk to your phone. Keep in mind that this case does not protect the screen so a screen protector is still recommended. Just keep in mind of the thickness because it will impact the fit of the inner silicone shell.

Just Out of Curiosity

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