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Updated on June 18, 2013

Inspired Living App Review - Does iLA work?

I have a review of the inspired living app. This app runs on Iphones and Androids, but you can also get the app's functions through email if you do not own a smartphone. The app is available internationally, even for the pro (paid) versions, as long as the customer's credit card works in the sign up site.

Basically, the app is designed to send people weekly self-help and financial advice videos to improve people's outlooks, lives, and financial well being.

It is a MONETIZED APP, so it offers a way to make money from getting a subscription to the videos. The makers of the app claim that you do not have to refer anyone, make any affiliate sales, or fulfill any other requirements in order to make up to $2500 per month on the app. If you do refer customers, however, they allow you to possibly earn even more than $2500 a month.

There are three levels to the app:

1) Free level - get the video of the week

2) 6 dollar per month Pro Version - you get the video of the week, plus the ability to search all archives for prior videos.

3) $9.95 per month money maker - you get the video of the week, the ability to search the archives, a personalized website for affiliate sales, and the ability to make up to $2,500 or more just for being a customer of the app.

Does it really work? Well, I decided to take a chance and sign up for ten dollars a month, because it didn't seem that risky when I could possibly be making $2,500 on it. At first, I thought it was a scam. But WOW, was I surprised when I opened up my geneology tab on my website and found 13 customers in there - customers I had not worked to get! So, for me, the app has lived up to its claims - that I did not have to work, and I would get free customers and money.

So now I am waiting for the rest of my money to come rolling in. Scroll down and click the video below for my verbal review, and under that, my advice on how to get into your back office and find your personalized website, check your geneology (customers) etc.

How to Find Your Inspired Living Application Personal Website

Once you have signed up for the 9.95 pro version of ila application, they send you an email. Check your email for your username.

Your personal website address will be: YOUR USERNAME HERE)

Anyone surfing your site and signing up for the app will be credited as your affiliate referral, earning you the chance to make more than the $2,500 per month you can earn without doing any work or sales.

Now go to your website and click "JOIN NOW" tab at the top, and then click the button that says "JOIN AS AN ASSOCIATE - 9.95 a month." Copy the address of the page that pops up. THAT is your personal enrollment form - anyone using that form to sign up will be credited as your referral sale, earning you the chance to make more than the $2,500 you can earn without doing any work or sales.

Now, go back to your personalized website's home page. Scroll all the way to the bottom and look on the lower right for the words "ASSOCIATE LOG IN." Click that, enter your username and password, and BOOM! You are in your back office! Now look on the left - and click "GENEOLOGY." THis is how you will check to see if you have been given any customers.

I hope everyone enjoys the self help and financial advice videos, and this chance to make money off the monetized pro version of the app! GOOD LUCK! :-)


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