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iLugger for iMac

Updated on October 1, 2013


Bags suited for laptops and netbooks are abundant but the iLugger is different since it is designed mobilize a desktop computer. The iLugger fulfills the need of those wanting to tote their iMacs with them.

Is it Safe to Treat a Desktop Computer as a Mobile Device?

One bag is appropriate for a 17 inch or a 20 inch iMac as well as the iMac G5. iLugger bags are available as large as 24 inches. With slots and pockets that accommodate a keyboard, mouse and other needed peripherals the iLugger protects the iMac screen with fabrics that both protect and cushion it. A firm plastic is sewn into the fabric on one side of the screen while on the other there is a soft – scratch protective fabric. Medium density foam is added in some areas for added screen protection.

Carry the iLugger in Three Different Ways

Any bag designed to tote around a 20 plus pound computer has to be made of high quality fabrics. The iLugger is made from 1000 denier fabric. There is a choice of at least three ways to carry the iLugger. The number one way to carry the iLugger is by the non-padded handle. The Second way to carry the iLugger is by the slightly padded shoulder strap. The third way turns the iLugger into a backpack. The slightly padded backpack straps tuck into the back pocket of the iLugger if preferred.

iLugger Not Too Stylish but Functions Well

The iLugger’s claim to fame is not its looks. From first glance it is an ordinary looking bag without much to make it stand out. It is quite boxy. There are straps to carry it and straps that are sewn onto it for strength and stability. There are a few colors available that include black, blue and grey.

The iLugger fills its niche perfectly. It is intended to tote either a 17 inch or a 20 inch iMac. How do you get the iMac into the iLugger? Simply turn the bag upside down – slide it over the iMac screen. Grab the base of the iMac and while holding the bag in place carefully flip the bag right side up (the iMac will be upside down). Slip the keyboard in one ompartment behind the screen and then slip the mouse into the other. Zip the top and your iMac is mobile.

Why Would Anyone Want to Lug around a desktop computer?

I am not really sure. LAN parties maybe a good reason to tote your own desktop with you. If you need to give a presentation to a group you could carry your own desktop computer with you. Then there are those of us that just want to have our own stuff with us at all times.

Whatever the reason I think that it is cool to have a dedicated bag to carry it in.


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