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iOS 4.2 JailBreak and Unlock Released and Available

Updated on November 7, 2012

iOS 4.2 unlock and jailbreak has been extensively shared in the blog posts and articles of technology websites as well as served through news feeds. People who were waiting anxiously for their 4.20 version of iOS of pad as well as iphone are free to follow the guidelines as well as share the tips. But the developers team has been keenly notifying about the risks involved in jailbreaking and unlocking the ios 4.20.

So let us take a quick peek at how this happened and how to unlock it. Necessary informative sources are also provided here for clearing any doubt that hovers regarding the updated 4.20 version.

First of all, it seems like this ios 4.2 jailbreak and unlock has been a great update for ipad but not so great for the ipod touch or iphone. But still, it's something that people all over the world waited for so many days patiently after there were so many rumors about the updates being great and providing all sorts of breakthroughs. The interesting thing to be noted here are the stunning new features as well as updates available in ipad and iphone/ipod touch. Let's look into how this 10s 4.2 have changed the face of apple's ipone as well as ipad and ipod touch.

New Features Available in iPAD after Update of iOS 4.2

  • AirPrint (print mail/photos/web pages directly to printer on WiFi network) and AirPlay (stream media to Apple TV / AirPlay speakers)
  • New search and find ability in Safari
  • Folders
  • Multitasking
  • UI Tweaks: volume control and brightness control straight from task switcher

New Features in iPHONE AND iPOD Touch

  • Better 3G Performance and Notable Improvements
  • YouTube (ability to thumbs up / down videos
  • FaceTime link in Messages app
  • Ability to restrict installing and deletion of apps as well features of other apps
  • UI tweaks: volume control from task switcher

Things to Know before you unlock or jailbreak ios 4.2

  • Save iOS 4.1 SHSH blobs to cydia

After the update to 4.20 the users are the ones who would have to decide the user friendliness and confirm a glitch free experience all together. As we all know that the next update progress would have already started in the Company and so there's more to expect from Apple every now and then.


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