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iOS, Android, and Windows 8: What You Need to Know

Updated on April 25, 2013

When it comes to buying a new smartphone or tablet, there are three major factors that you need to keep in mind. The first one is the visual appeal of the gadget. Is the look, design, or style of the device catches your interest or suit your personality and taste? Second is the performance of the gadget. Do its features and capacity fit your needs and lifestyle? Third is its OS or operating system. If you’re not yet that familiar with this term, then it is best for you to get acquainted with it first before you buy a new smartphone or tablet.


What is an OS?

Simply put, an OS or operating system is a computer program or a collection of programs and data that works on a mobile gadget or computer. The term mobile OS is used to denote the type of operating system that runs specifically on smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, an OS carries out different mobile functions such as connecting to the Internet, managing multimedia, running applications and so much more.

Though there are many mobile OS available these days, the three that are the most popular and primarily used by many gadget manufacturers are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS, and Microsoft’s Windows 8.

The iOS

Apple products continue to dominate the technology industry. The company’s innovative products, such as the iPhone and the iPad, gave people a more enjoyable and sophisticated mobile computing experience. Of course, Apple’s gadgets would become useless if they were stripped with their operating systems, the iOS.

The iOS is only exclusive to Apple gadgets. Originally, Apple developed it only for the iPhone. However, nowadays the iOS is also used in other Apple products such as the Apple TV and the iPad.

Apple constantly updates its iOS. Its latest version is the iOS 6. We can expect that in the months to come Apple will introduce a new and a better performing operating system.

Some of the advantages of the iOS are the following. It’s very secure and stable. Because of the high standards set by Apple in creating updates or applications, the iOS has lesser bugs. Its interface is simple yet stunning. And it is excellent for cloud storage.


The Android OS

The Android OS or simply Android is Google’s mobile operating system. One advantage of this operating system compared to the iPhone OS is that it is open source. This simply means that there is big community of developers who constantly creates updates and develops new apps to make the computing experience of Android users more stable, secure, enjoyable, and sophisticated.

Because it is an open source, the Android OS can be found in many well-known gadget brands such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Acer, Motorola, and so much more. Aside from that, Android devices are also perfect for multitasking since the Android OS has the capacity to run several apps simultaneously.

However, the Android OS has some disadvantages too such as being prone to bugs. In addition, it is also unstable, less secure, and more prone to crashes compared to the iPhone OS.

Windows 8

Though somehow late in the development of mobile operating system, Microsoft’s new OS, the Windows 8 is slowly catching up against its major competitors, the iOS and the Android OS. The computer giant released the said OS to the market just last year.

Windows 8 boasts of more screen resolutions, new multicore chipset, and new graphics processor. Aside from that, its default browser is the new Internet Explorer 10, a web browser that can effectively handle HTML 5 and JavaScript. Also, Windows 8 has this feature in which Skype is always on. This feature allows you to communicate with your friends or loved ones in the way in which you want to.

When it comes to choosing among the three mobile OS, it is best that you consider your preferences, needs, and budget. If you’re looking for a tablet or a smartphone that is stable and secure, then go for iOS or Windows 8 gadgets. However, if your budget is your main concern, then buying an Android device is the best option for you.

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