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iOS Increases The Size of App Binary: One Change, One Development

Updated on February 25, 2015

After the news of Apple soon planning to launch its new smartwatch; another news has made place in today’s news. Launch of App Store in 2008 was a blast, and after the long time since then Apple has nailed the idea of increasing the app binaries maximum size so that iTunes Connect could be more developer friendly. Today, Apple announced that the maximum size would be increased to 4GB. However this doesn't bring any changes to the 100MB limit on apps that are downloaded through cellular networks.

What actually is App Binary?

One can assume iOS app binaries to be one big file that contains executable file, all of the sounds, images, along with other assets that’s needed by the app. This includes everything from icons of different sizes, splash screens and UI. Due to the way of packaging, the binaries gets rather large. Binaries houses all the assets for the devices supported.

Then comes the Universal apps which also comprises of all those assets. In addition, the binary downloaded from the App Store is not a bit different whether user has brand-new iPad Air 2 or an old iPhone 4S. No matter, whether you are using iPhone or iPads, the universal binary would still have the assets for other iPads and Phones, extending the size of space required by the app, though some of its extra assets are not needed by the device. However, Xcode supports vector graphics in moderate level to ease developer from putting extra effort in maintaining and generating the assets. But the files stores itself in form of PNG files when the process of building and uploading binary takes place.

Why it’s a good news?

Extending the maximum size allowed for apps will help developers to get more flexible, which will ultimately push them to achieve bigger goals. Unluckily, device's storage space wouldn’t be scaled with it, while Apple continues selling both, 8GB and 16GB devices at low prices, even when both mid- and high-end gadgets and devices received boost in storage last year.

Where Apple strategy is not clear with the pricing of the devices, its boost in storage space have certainly made developers happy, as they can now work and stretch the limits of their work to be done of apps. In one hand, where it may distress the strategy of Apple mobiles, but it could also elevate the sales of mid and high end mobiles for this enhanced feature. Nevertheless, the company is going to get hands over a major section in the industry. In addition, less app binary space has always been hindering the growth and escalation pace of the sales and the company.

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Apple’s Strategy Unveiled

Earlier, Apple used to provide apps on its own, but since now it has started accepting third party apps, extending app binary will enable Apple to put more third party apps. This will not just help Apple make money out of it, but also offer a more defined experience to users. However, this change would allow users to get hands a bunch of apps, that weren’t put earlier due to the issues regarding the size of app binary.


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