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iOmega iConnect

Updated on March 12, 2010

One of the problems in reviewing a particular device is reviewing one that is similar to another.  This particular iConnect from iOmega is very similar to the Pogoplug, a device that reviewed about a month ago. 

The iOmega iConnect has the ability to take the information from a hard drive and allow it so the user can access this info anywhere, even if it is online somewhere.  The user will then have access to their hard drives via personalized web address. 

The device is quite easy to setup.  All that is required is taking the device out of the box, plugging in the AC cord, and then plugging the AC cord into the wall.  From there, the included cable can be plugged right into the router and then into the iConnect. 

If you have a home network, then you will be able to access the iConnect’s features.  It takes a little installation of the software, but you can pretty much plug any hard disk drives or even thumb drives into the four USB ports.   A special window will open on your computer that will show all the thumb drives connected to it. 

Yep, the Pogoplug can essentially do the same thing.  Except the iOmega iConnect can do a little more with features such as Cooliris, a slide show plug-in that allows for easy photo viewing.

It also has a button on the front for the Iomega QuickTransfer, which “makes it easy to transfer data to and from a USB drive, or to run a replication job without the need of a PC”.  In other words, if you need a quick way to back up your PC (or laptop) on a back up HDD, or vice versa, it’s as simple as a touch of a button.  This is part of its Device-to-Device Replication feature. 

It is also set up for Torrent, which makes it easier and faster to download large media files without the need of a PC.  It also has a built-in iTunes and media server for easy playback, as well as Retrospect Express backup and support for Apple Time Machine.

Another feature is the intelligent print sharing capability for up to 2 USB printers. 

The iOmega iConnect supports PC, Mac, and Linux clients and has embedded RSA BSAFE encryption for protected installs and upgrades.  You should be able to purchase the iConnect from the iOmega site for about $99.99, which, believe it or not, is cheaper than the Pogoplug and has a lot more features. 


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