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What Is The iP Web Visitor Program, For Incarcerated Inmates. A consumer Review

Updated on July 30, 2015
Snap shot view of the website.
Snap shot view of the website.

IP Web Visitor is a video visitation system for visiting the incarcerated.

The IP Web Visitor system is fairly new, and not many people know about it, or understand how it works. I myself have just started using it. which is why I am writing this article, to help others understand how it works. The IP Web Visitor allows you to visit with your loved one or even a friend who is incarcerated. It is basically web cam based, and you will need a web cam,and a microphone on your computer or laptop to have a visitation. There are steps to be taken before this can happen. The main step is being approved by the correctional facility where the person you want to visit is being held. As a side note:, before signing up, you should read the FAQ's. and look at the whole site in general, so you get an idea how it works.

How It Works:

IP Web Visitor uses the power of the internet to voice and video stream a visitation session, which are fully digitized, synchronized and encrypted and configured for the transmission over conventional data networks. You sign up for an account, and schedule a visit, and pay with a regular credit card, or a pre-paid credit card. You must register your card online before use. And as I have already mentioned you will have to be approved by the facility first. I signed up, and then an officer from the jail contacted me, and I spoke with him, and got approved. i had already been doing in person visits for awhile, so they had me on record.

New Account:

You will start by setting up a new account. It will first show a list of Facilities that participate in the IP Web Visitor program. After you chose which facility you want, it will guide you through the rest of the signup process. You will need an email address and a password. Note: Not all facilities will be listed, as this is a fairly new program. We have it here in the Albany NY area.

They will also have you check for Hardware Verification, and you should be able to troubleshoot any problems if need be, to make sure you will be able to use this program. When you are all set, then you can set up a visitation Day, and time to visit. The cost is $9.00 for a 20 minute wed visit, and it is non refundable if something should go wrong. And You may log in 10 minutes before your visitation time. If you log in to early, it will tell you it's not time, and come back when it is. And you will need your login info. email and password.

Visiting The Inmate:

When the visit begins, you will see a screen if the inmate has not yet picked up the headset, as they will be using a phone. Once the headset is picked up, you will be connected to the inmate and their image will appear in the main image window. If you log out or do get disconnected during the visit, you can log back in and connect to the visit, as long as the time has not expired. when you are visiting an inmate, you have a few options available to enhance the visiting experience.Such as volume control, and the image size. There is also a timer, so you will know how long you have left to the visit.

Sessions Are Recorded And Monitored:

Yes they are, just like a real in person visit. You must follow the dress code. Also you must watch your language. You cannot swear, and you cannot have any other electronics with you, such as a cellphone or tablet, ipad etc. Also, at least the facility I had a visit with, there is no privacy. It is right on the unit, and you can see other inmates walking around, and they can pretty much see you as well, I imagine.

My Experience:

I have had one web visit so far, and just scheduled another one today. As I ran into some problems the last time I tried, as it said I did not have an account. Luckily I had saved my conformation email, and logged in with that.

I will say the guards do monitor everything you say and do. the guard actually did speak to me in the visit. The video quality was pretty good, but I did however run into some problems hearing the person I was visiting. I had to keep saying " What did you say? I will update this after my next visit. Overall it was not to bad of a visit, and you just have to watch what you say and do.

The IP Web Visitor is a good program to use if you live really far away, or have no transportation, or have health problems and can't do a real visit, as the real visits are really time consuming. As for myself, I had to start using it because I have been having some health problems, and sitting on a little metal stool for an hour is to hard for me right now. Especially when you have people on either side of you, and sometimes the other visitors are really noisy.

I would recommend trying the IP Web Visitor at least once, and see if you like it, you really don't have anything to lose. a couple of dollars and 20 minutes.

I hope this has helped in any questions you had on this program, because when I had a hard time finding any information that really helped me, I just had to wing it.


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    • profile image

      Miamoo 22 months ago

      I have used this program, and there are many pros and cons to it, and really do not find it that easy to use.