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iPad 2 Cases That Are Ideal For Travel

Updated on June 22, 2012


Any sophisticated gadget is prone to damage, and the Apple iPad 2 is no different. The Apple iPad 2 is made of a sheet of glass, which is highly susceptible to breakage. Preserving the device in a special case particularly designed for the iPad 2 can save you from later regrets. Besides protection, it is the functionality of the case that you need to bear in mind when purchasing a casing: the best iPad 2 cases enable you to prop up the gadget in a position ideal for typing, reading, watching movies etc.

Speck Products Apple iPad PixelSleeve Plus Case
Speck Products Apple iPad PixelSleeve Plus Case

The iPad Smart Cover from Apple is available in 10 vibrant shades, favorable for every mood. These Apple covers are lightweight and glossy, and give a touch of class to your device. The cover is like a magnetized screen that can be easily attached onto the screen of the iPad 2. For functionality, you can prop up the device at an angle to attain ease of typing or watching movies. However, in contrast to the claims by Apple, fingerprints are visible on the screen. The Apple iPad Smart Cover protects only half of your device as it does not protect the back pane of the device, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Overall, this isn’t the best iPad 2 case.

If you are looking for stylish cases for iPad 2 in leather, M-Edge Page Sleeve is the case to look for. The M-Edge Page Sleeve has dual protection: it ensures your iPad 2 remains protected as it enables you to affix your device to prevent it from sliding out, and its cushioned covering shelters the screen from scratches and damage. You can unfasten your iPad 2 to use it in its original form. After utilizing, remember to clasp the device so that it does not slide out. Because this case is not a screen, it does not protect its screen from having fingerprints. This case is safe to use during travels and transport, but is risky when using the device without the case.


Tom Bihn Breve is the most multipurpose casing, making it the best carrying case for iPad 2. It comprises of pockets for mobile phones, chargers, and other accessories that you would want to keep together with the device. This case secures the gadget in all possible ways. It is fabricated out of durable ballistic nylon. The only downside is its weight. Adding accessories to this casing increases its weight as well makes it bulky.


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