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iPad Air 2 - The best iPad that you can buy at the present

Updated on March 29, 2016

It's rare when we look back at a certain technological devices in a year later and realize it is still the best in the new device group. That happened with the iPad Air 2, a product that now, somehow looks much better than when it was announced in late 2014.

Many had thought that the Air 2 quite to - then I use the iPad Pro, and now Air 2 as the perfect portable size. Its software is also getting better. Thanks to iOS 9, always powerful processor can now be used in dual-screen applications, and it does it in a miraculous way. It contributes to making the iPad a better tablet.

In other markets, the iPad Air 2 is now cheaper. It often can be found in bulk at a discount, and if you can get the 64GB for a good price, I would definitely buy. (Ignore the opening 16GB model). The official price of Apple to Air 2 was 11 million for the 16GB (or respectively £ 400 and AU $ 620 in the UK and Australia), 13 million (or £ 480 or AU $ 740 for 64GB) and 15 million (£ 560 or AU $ 860 for 128GB) with Wi-Fi or add additional support mobile connectivity.

With a keyboard accessory, Air 2 is the tool to write text great laptop (unlike the iPad Mini 2 and Mini 4 when the keyboard is too small). Its screen is also more convenient to watch movies. And it can handle multitasking, but in general, a little better than Mini 4.

Yes, the iPad Pro louder, faster and are great for professionals in the creative industries, who will use the Pencil current add-on which can only be used with the Pro. But the upgrades that have a high value on par with a good laptop. iPad Air 2, meanwhile, is the Goldilocks tablet in Apple's lineup, and it continues to be the tablet that I want to buy. We gave it the CNET Editors' Choice (roughly translated: Editor's Choice) in October 2014, and we sincerely support that will have a nominee for it a year later.


The real reason that I nominated Air 2 on all other iPads because it hit hard on the balance between a tablet used to read / play / view and something with more productive. One can easily hold it in one hand and feels like reading a paperback book. Magazines and thematic articles it looks good on its screen. Movies - even the letterbox version (a type of film) - is sharp. But it's also big enough to do other things. The applications run in parallel with each other on the dual screen (Split View - observation mode pairs) works well, and with the keyboard attached, it is a strong laptop to write text. My favorite version is now Belkin's QODE Ultimate Pro - It provides protection, keyboard blacklit (keyboard can turn off the backlight) great with two different angle. Only one gadget, the iPad Air 2 was almost a small laptop without trackpad (touch navigation panel or drag the table), and emergency equipment is great that I always carry with me.

Even after weeks of using the larger iPad Pro, Air 2 was okay with me. It's even more comfortable and more convenient.


IOS OS 9 adds many new interesting tips that can be used on Air 2; Split View is the best. The application can run in parallel when multitasking, as set out in several directions. Not all applications can use the Split View (only the ones have been updated to allow for running), which can cause frustration. But over time, more and more applications are added, and the ones that are optimized for dual screen is great. For email, Twitter or even features instantly using computers makes it far more efficient.

Video thumbnail mode when a new well for multitasking iOS 9, and it means the Air 2 can be used to view the live event - or simply the old Web video - on applications that support function. I find that it runs quite well on the Safari browser window while simultaneously doing other things.

Air A8X processor 2 does not slow a beat when running any of them above, and with every app I turn up the amazing run. It runs faster than the iPad Mini 4, and it's not even considered slow when compared to the current iPad more powerful Pro (mainly because there are not a ton Pro app is optimized).

Battery life, meanwhile, is in the range assessment of Apple's battery life is about 10 hours between charges. You can use the battery-saving features to extend battery iOS 9 when needed, especially with good latency. In other words, the iPad will go smoothly for you during transcontinental flights, and you will not have to charge the battery regularly as a phone.


Apple still sells the iPad Air, which preceded the 2013 Air 2 Air 2 provide much greater performance with the processor and RAM A8X added, allowing it to download and convert applications to run faster and dual screen. It also has Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) and apple pay for online transactions. Its better camera (for FaceTime, at least you will appreciate this).And it runs better the higher application is about to debut in 2016, but the current iPad Pro rising rates paid to processing speed.

Unless iPad Air falls great price, I would rather pay more for a small range of Air 2 utility.


Still many options for more affordable when it comes to tablet: a lot of other operating systems like Android, Chromebooks, and a range of laptops with Windows 10 officially, many so-cheap $ 200 range. iPad is not considered a good choice for the budget, but it is still the king of the tablet because of the sheer number of high quality applications for iPad exists.Meanwhile, iOS 9 has made the necessary strides to become more useful iPad.

And no, not everyone needs a tablet - especially when you're happy with one of the devices listed above, or even an older iPad samples. But if you are considering a new, not outdated Air 2 - it's great, balancing productivity with features read books, watch helpful and game applications. Mini 4 and Pro gives us the feeling as skewed in one direction or the other.Really, the only reason that I can see if you upgrade to the Pro expensive and more reliable because the absolute size of its screen, and ultra precise needle Pencil if you're a painter.

In addition, I am not sure whether the Air 2 has also not so good. The following year, does not avoid the possibility of iPad Air 3 will appear, must be to improve further the needle Pencil and smart terminals on the accessories - is currently the only feature of the iPad Pro. There may be a revolution further iPad accessories connect with new and more powerful applications in future models of the iPad, but that is not here. Air 2 done most of what you can do now. And it really is quite good in the distance between the reader-friendly mode of Mini and friendly working mode of Pro.

If you need a tablet for late 2015 or early 2016, the iPad Air 2 will be a bad choice at this point.

- Pros: iPad Air 2 has great balance between size and mass, between the Crisp, bright display.IOS OS 9 running perfectly, including the dual-screen applications.

- Cons: relatively high cost for tablets, single speaker is not loud when compared with the iPad Pro.

- Summary: This mid-range tablet Apple has a year-old, but it is still the perfect blend between size and performance is almost for everyone.


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