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iPad Apps for Special Needs

Updated on August 30, 2011

Special Needs Apps

No matter what you're looking for, there is an iPad app for nearly everything. The apps on the iPad are not just for adults, but children and those people with special needs. So, whether you're raising an autistic child or you have a family member with a disorder, you can find an app that may help.

I have a son who cannot speak, but he knows what is going on and he can fully understand what is being said to him. I purchased an Ipad 2 for him for many reasons, but the most important was to get the Proloquo2Go App. The app is a means so that we can use pre-installed symbols or add other pictures so that he can tell us what he wants, whether it's a drink or to go outside.

Purchasing an iPad is a much cheaper method of helping children and people with special needs. The other devices that are available, cost thousands, whereas an iPad is just a few hundred bucks. Most of the apps are free, but you'll find that some of the apps for special needs may cost from $0.99 or more.

Apps for Math

  • Measurement HD
  • Jungle Coins for iPad
  • MathBoard
  • Math Magic (+)
  • Time, Money & Fractions

Apps for Storytelling

  • My Photo Story
  • Pictello (+)
  • StoryBuddy
  • Story_Builder
  • Story Patch

Apps for Music/Songs

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider HD
  • Old MacDonald HD
  • Tap Tap Radiation
  • Wheels on the Bus HD

Apps for Communication

  • ArtikPix (+)
  • Assistive Chat (+)
  • Proloquo2Go (+)
  • Speak It! (+)
  • TapSpeak Sequence for ipad

Apps for Reading

  • abc PocketPhonics (+)
  • iBooks (+)
  • Monkey Business
  • The Cat in the Hat (+)
  • Toy Story Read-Along

Apps for Writing

  • Dragon Dictation (+)
  • FirstWords: Animals (+)
  • iWriteWords (+)
  • Pages
  • Typ-O HD

Apps for Art

  • 123 Sticker HD
  • ClickySticky
  • Cookie Doodle (+)
  • Doodle Buddy for iPad

Apps for Special Needs

There are plenty of applications on the iPad for special needs children and special needs learning curves.

  • Alpha Tots- This app features uses the iPad's interactive capabilities to use action-based verbs to help children learn letters, sounds, and recognition. This app includes interactive activities for each letter of the alphabet. There are sing-a-long songs, fun surprises, and over 100 lines of dailogue. This app is kid-friendly.
  • AutismXpress Pro- This app is geared to help people with autism so that they can learn how to recognize and express their emotions using a fun interface.
  • iCommunicate- Using over 10,000 symbols and images, you can make your own storybook. You can create pictures, flashcards, storyboards, routines, and visual schedules, as well as record custom audio.
  • First Words- This iPad app is a educational game designed to help children develop vocabulary words. There are eight categories to include the alphabet, numbers, the beach, animals, sports, fruits, colors, and shapes. The categories feature pictures that when touched, tells you what it is- touch a cow, the iPad says 'cow'
  • HaloTalk- This app is a great augmentative learning software that 50 commonly used responses that is voice enabled.


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