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Car iPad Mount Holders For Windshield, Headrest, Dash and More

Updated on February 24, 2012

If you own an tablet computer and drive regularly then you should consider an iPad mount bracket for your car or automobile. Ipad Mounts for cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles are a very cool way to access a wide range of useful apps for both yourself as the driver to use on the road or when parked or stuck in traffic, or for your passengers to keep them entertained as your drive.

Car iPad holders are available for the front seat so you can use useful apps like Pandora to replace your boring car radio, or maps and location apps via the GPS chip to replace a GPS device, or for the back seat to keep children entertained using streaming movie services like Netflix or other entertainment apps.

You can attach your Apple tablet onto the windshield with suction cups, onto the vehicle dash, to the headrest or by clamping onto the seat rail or even use a cupholder mount to utilize that part of the vehicle as well. These are available for all types of vehicles and the rest of this page features some of the best ipad car holder as recommended by their owners.

Mount An Ipad On The Dash Of A Car Or Motor Vehicle

There are numerous useful apps for drivers which make use of things like the GPS chip inside the device to provide maps and allow you to use your favorite gadget as a GPS unit for example. That makes mounting on the dash a highly desirable action and thankfully, there are mounting kits out there which allow you to do that without having to pay for an expensive customized installation.

These mounting kits allow you to attach an ipad to a car dash and immediately make you automobile a more useful and pleasurable place to be. Just think, you're stuck in traffic and you can either watch the back of the vehicle in front, or access your favorite tablet computer mounted nicely in a dashboard iPad holder, and go check your email, check in on facebook or perhaps look for an alternative route with less traffic. Maybe, instead you are waiting curbside for your kids to get out of school or for your wife to finish shopping, you can now play a fun game or stream a movie rather than sit there twiddling your thumbs.

The possibilities are endless. The following selections of car dash mounts for iPad 1 and 2 allow you to mount directly onto the dash, often utilizing the vent cover so the driver can have immediate access to the gadget whilst driving or parked.

Padholdr iPad 1,2 and 3 Holder for Dash in Vehicles Universal Fit
Padholdr iPad 1,2 and 3 Holder for Dash in Vehicles Universal Fit

This is not a cheap mount by any means but for mounting on the car or truck dash you aren't going to find a better solution out there. This is a very well made, very sturdy holder which mounts behind the dash with no visible screws to ensure your vehicle remains attractive as well as functional. The iPad bracket is made so it fit son the dash whilst striving hard to minimize the impact on other important control items like vents, radio controls etc.


iPad Window Mounts

Another alternative type of iPad holder for motor vehicles is a windshield mount. These suction cup mounts allow you to attach an iPad on a car windshield so you can have access to its various features without the often more complicated attachment to a dash or elsewhere on the vehicle.

Whilst it might sound like a very safe and secure way to hold such a device these suction cup mounts for tablets shown below have excellent reviews from buyers who have tested it over speed bumps etc. and had no issues.

Be aware that the legality of mounting things like GPS systems, cell phones etc. on a vehicle's windshield varies from state to state and tends to change back and forth as new traffic laws get signed into effect. Check whether you state allows this before you buy one of these.

Ram Mount Suction Cup Base Car Windshield Mount for Apple iPad (RAM-B-166-AP8U)
Ram Mount Suction Cup Base Car Windshield Mount for Apple iPad (RAM-B-166-AP8U)

Ram makes excellent tablet and phone mounts and this is certainly no exception. This base secures tightly to the windshield using a suction cup and features a swivel ball joint to adjust to the optimal viewing angle with no slipping. Owners love this caddy from long haul truck drivers to casual users.


iPad Car Headrest Mounts

The Apple iPad is great for entertaining passengers in the back seat but can be uncomfortable to hold at a comfortable angle for long car journeys. A great way to make use of its capabilities for watching movies in the back seat, amongst other things, is to use an Apple iPad car seat headrest bracket to attach your tablet to the rear of the passenger or driver's seat (or both).

These work in one of two ways. Most clamp onto the metal posts which attach the headrest to the back of the car seat but some others use a material case which fits snugly over the headrest itself. Many say the latter are better at preventing bouncing and shaking but you get to better control the viewing angle with the former style.

The following selection of iPad car holders will allow you to fit your device onto a seat to view movies, youtube, play games or otherwise entertain yourself or others in the back seat of a vehicle.


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